Thursday, August 4, 2016

Herbal Delight

When my herbs begin to flower all manner of pollen and nectar seekers prefer those flowers over any others. My garden is a world of herbal delight.

These white flowers are oregano and carpenter bees, wasps, honey bees and so many other insects I can't even identify are in a feeding frenzy.

Look closely in your garden, you never know what you'll discover hidden in the leaves and flowers.

Here is a close up of pale pink marjoram flowers, another herb the pollen and nectar seekers seem to prefer. Earlier this summer the dill and lemon balm were blooming and those were their favorite flowers then. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It is always exciting to explore in the garden - and who can blame the nectar eaters...

  2. Bees in the herbs tell me it's truly summer! My ground time is in bloom; it looks like a lavender mist. Not as many bees as last summer however.
    Pretty photos! Thanks!

  3. Laura grew some herbs this summer, and when they flowered, the same thing. Big bumblebees.

  4. How neat...I've just seen some buzzer's around my catnip which I'm letting flower.

  5. It's wonderful to have the bees buzzing around, doing the great thing that they do!


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