Monday, August 21, 2017

Mystery Flower - Clitoria or Centrosema ?

This lavender flower has popped up in my garden among the weeds. I have no idea what it is. Click on the photos to make them larger to see the flower detail. UPDATE: I have narrowed this search down to Clitoria mariana, Butterfly Pea, or Centrosema virginianum, Spurred Butterfly Pea.

 The flower looks a bit like a penstemon flower, but then again it looks like an orchid flower too.

I tried to see which leaf belonged with it but it's mixed in so closely with what looks like grass weeds I am hesitant to disturb it much since there are only two blooms and one bud. Do you know what it is? Happy Solar Eclipse to you all.


  1. Is the blossom from a bulb? It looks like a fall blooming bulb.

  2. Hi Joanne, thanks, see the large leaf, I think that might be it's leaf, I'll check it closer tomorrow to see if the grass like blades are from it or the large leaf.

  3. A pretty thing. It looks like one of the lilies.

  4. Hi Sue, thanks, it's too small to be a lily, I am sure someone will know what it is since there are so few flowers I can't pick on for identification with the locals, we shall see.


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