Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pedestal Cat Food Bowl

Wonder if Barney is going to like his new pedestal bowl for cat food. It's a bit like a chalice with a tall wide base. Perhaps a tall candle holder. I'll see if it's the correct height for Barney this week.

This vase is about eight inches tall. The glaze is a medium green but on this red clay it turns a teal blue. Same as the piece above and below.

This vase is about ten inches tall but the base is too small and it's very tippy. Wonder if I can blue on a wood base or something. It's so nice I hate to smash it. What do you think, any ideas? Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. The wood base idea sounds great. I did that with a little statue once, but after a few years the super glue gave out, so I guess I'd go for E-6000 next time.

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks, I may try two part epoxy or GE Silicone 11, the former I have used on tiles with wood on the back, and the latter on glass in my outdoor garden in Springville, after three years the glass was still holding through freezing and super hot climates.

  3. Or, set it aside and glue it onto a tile you make later.

  4. Linda, I hope Barney is not as clumsy as our cats. (Julie especially likes to knock things over for fun) as that tall cat bowl (great idea but risky) wouldn't last long at our house. You might want to make the base even wider.
    As for the vase with the narrow bottom, you could make a ceramic cup like base that has some design that it could sit into and fit perfectly. And if you do need to glue it to something, I've had good results lately on fired ceramics that break in the kiln (ex:small thin cat legs)with "liquid nails".

    1. Hi Rian, thanks, the cat bowl is actually quite sturdy; the base is larger than the bowl and it is heavy enough not to tip over. Barney is one of those cats that never seems to knock things over and he isn't much of a jumper either. He is too stocky and short to get much height. You have a couple of other good ideas too I'll have to think of this one for a while but the vase is too nice to just smash.

  5. Our cat wouldn't eat from the pedestal. Instead he would drag/bat the contents to the floor. He doesn't even like a food mat.

  6. Hi Sue, thanks, every cat is different, your cat sounds very wild, now if Barney catches a wild animal he will eat it on a flat surface, but his wet cat food he likes in a bowl, well at least as far as I know, lol.

  7. I doubt very much my two spoiled, very particular two furry mates would take to a pedestal bowl. They'd be sitting there giving me looks of reprimand..."Are you crazy, woman?" lol

    I'm not saying I don't like your work...but I think it would end up on my kitchen bench, near the sink and become a soap holder...and there is nothing wrong with that. :)

  8. Hi Lee, thanks, oh it could be a soap holder or a candle holder, we shall see, I didn't think about Barney just staring at it, and he might indeed do that.


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