Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Silver Seatrout

from Safe Harbor Seafood in Bon Secour

stuff body cavity with lemon slices and wrap with bacon
hold bacon on with toothpicks inserted on a diagonal

 cook on a medium hot grill
turn once

once the bacon is cooked the fish are also
remove toothpicks holding bacon and remove bacon
pull on the head down towards underside of the trout
down towards the tail; all of the bones should come out


  1. Well that must certainly be a great tasting fish! Just smoky flavor on trout is pretty darn good, even without the bacon!

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks, yes trout is delicious just about any way, we once had trout with margarita sauce in Bishop, Ca and I have never forgotten it.

    1. Oh I hope you got some pics of the butterflies...just saw a show from Mexico with all of them there on the trees. They are the only species that has 5 generations going north, then just one migrating all the way to Mexico, if I remember right...amazing!

  3. Simple is often the best. As a child we used to follow my father along the river bed with a frypan. When he caught was when we ate. And fresh rainbow trout was an amazing treat.


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