Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cost of Living Adjustment - NOT

Today I received notification of my cost of living adjustment for Social Security. I get a 2% increase but my Medicare cost rose the exact same amount. Next year I will still receive the same amount as this past year. The same thing happens year after year.  In addition the medicare drug cost went up 15%. Now I am in the negative compared to last year.

I think the federal government should not only help those working as they have with the tax relief bill, but also help those on fixed incomes. Especially since we paid for social security and medicare our whole working lives, about 40 years or so. The government used that money interest free for all those years. No Medicare and Social Security are not welfare, as I noted, that money was deducted from our paychecks all our working days. I tweeted President Trump, hope he sees my tweet. Guess I better tweet my senators and representatives; not that it will do any good. Seems the little guy is always left holding the bag, if only the bag was full of money.


  1. I share your frustration. But am looking for whatever joy may be had in this bleak world. Taking a break, but "nevertheless, I shall persist."

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks, if I can just get through the holidays I'll be doing better

  2. Sigh. Very, very familiar.
    I hope your politicians take note - but doubt it.
    Ignore them for the day if you can and have a lovely Christmas.

  3. Hi Sue, thanks, yes ignore the, I did tweet about it but nothing will come of it.

  4. Linda, I got my notice too. Usually we get a few dollars more each year (not a lot, but a few - and sometimes Medicare goes up and takes up what we gained). But this year I get a few dollars *less*. I think this is the first time this has happened since I retired in 1911... and it's not a good sign.

  5. Hi Rian, thanks, oh my, look on the government website it says something about making up the difference for folks in the future. Ugh. Of course we don't make enough to even be taxed so the tax cut does nothing for us. Hence I am making as much pottery as I can to stock up for the selling season next year. I have been collecting for 5 y ears, took it early since I couldn't get a job and my health was poor so I get less than I would have if I had waited, dh took it early too because he couldn't get a job and his previous job hours and salary were cut. Not a good sign, I did tweet. One person on fb said to me it's an example of the death star, ugh. Fixed income folks are even more forgotten than the middle class.


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