Sunday, December 10, 2017

More Snow; Power Off, On, Off, On

 more snow over night, about 5 more inches

 then the sun came out

 electricity off again

 finally on again

 electric company phone busy for two days

 only electric company I've ever had across the country
which doesn't have an emergency number to call
or a number to leave a message about electricity being off
will have to send a letter to the supposed "electric coop company"

when I finally reach them they say
did you call to let us know your electricity was off
I say, how could I, your line was busy for two days
I tell them they need an automated call in system.

same thing with the water company here
cleaning their tanks two weeks ago
knew for months they'd be cleaned by a contract company
no one but restaurants notified to boil water
Gary heard from restaurant employee at the gas station,
oh brother, more letters to write.


  1. How frustrating for you. We sometimes get news notices, but have even got a warning phone system now, automated, to tell us water alerts...and we can leave messages with Duke Power, and they call or text us back when we're due to get service back. One of the percs of big business.

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks, curiously we got a automatic call last night twice (first time ever) saying two shelters were open - wonder if homeless folks have phones and if our electric was off we wouldn't have gotten the call, guess we might have to re-up a smart phone after all.

  2. I think the automated call in for utilities out is brilliant. When you write your letter, tell them to join the 21st century!

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks, yes they need to join the 21st and I will have to as well and re-up my smart phone for $45 a month so they can notify me of alerts.

  3. All too familiar. Though it is extreme hot weather which causes power overloads and cuts here.

  4. Hi Sue, thanks, we get the same thing in summer but usually only when there is a severe thunderstorm. I run my kiln when I turn off my heat/air pump because the transformer is too far from my home to run both at optimum.

  5. Really like your pictures, Linda. The snow is so pretty. But sorry about the power on and off. Hope by the time you read this, it's all fixed.

  6. Hi Rian, thanks, the power is finally on, but we called our friend of ours and they can't get through either and they have no electricity, so frustrating to get a busy signal all day and all night long.

  7. And time needlessly and frustratingly wasted when there should be no need for it to be wasted!! Grrrrr!


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