Wednesday, January 31, 2018

One Warm Enough Day

We had one warm enough day this week so Gary volunteered to cut back my perennial garden. He finds it easier to clip the dead stems while sitting in a chair. Don't know if you can see him or not but our cat Barney is lying in the shade next to Gary. His fur blends in with the shade and the ground color. Barney is like a dog; he follows us around the yard and lies down right beside us. We couldn't ask for a better companion. Now it's back to the cold weather again. We're using up our propane allotment too quickly this winter.

Looking out my window this morning there's a panoramic sunrise of red, pink, melon and gold. Too cold to venture out and snap a photo though. It's about 20 F this morning. Red sky in morning is sailor's warning. We're expecting some rain and possibly snow once again. If we get another warm enough day we plan to prune our fruit trees next. We've yet to get much fruit from them there always seems to be a cold snap after the blossoms. Perhaps this year will be different. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It's too cold to cut back my flower garden yet. I'm just staying warm.

  2. Hi Joanne, thanks, I don't blame you, this winter is a doozy for sure. I am just hoping there are not too many losses in the Spring, but I have had plants come back in July so I'll let them go a good long while to see if they recover from the roots.


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