Friday, June 22, 2018

Ferns and Jeeps

Hey, it's a jeep ornament. Maybe I should have put two holes instead of one for the string to hang it with?  It's about three inches square. Maybe I'll use some stains on it. Will have to get back down to the studio and get busy.
Gary clipped a few native ferns from the woods for me. There are two different varieties. He said he hoped I appreciated them because he got bit by mosquitoes while in the woods. Thanks Gary.
Here's a fern plate I made today. I might have to use a stain on this one too. The fern impression is kind of hard to see. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I reckon you might just have a lot of folk interested in the jeeps. It's great. :)

  2. Hi Lee, thanks, Gary belongs to a jeep club so this was kind of for him and perhaps some members of the club will want some to. Ha.

  3. What a valiant warrior Gary was. 'Squito bites are not fun (says the woman who blows up like a barrage balloon when they fang her).
    Love the jeep, and suspect that the club members will too.

  4. Hi Sue, thanks, I hate the bites too, they itch like crazy.


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