Monday, July 30, 2018

A Firefly Night

It was a firefly night when all the plants, all the insects, all the animals, all those observing were calm. All delighted in the sweet humid air, wondering and waiting. Everything became known in those moments, became known to the insects, the animals, to all those waiting in the dark of the firefly night. At every level in the forest fireflies silently lit up here and there revealing the mystery, the mystery of life.
At brief spurts of quiet flashes, plants stopped growing, crickets stopped chirping, toads stopped croaking, snakes stopped slithering, birds stopped chirping, moths stopped flying, possums stopped digging, raccoons stopped chortling, deer stopped foraging, coyotes stopped howling, and humans sat in silence waiting and watching. Silently all hoped to learn, to know the mystery the fireflies would reveal.
As the fireflies flashed over here and over there, the mystery was revealed. Suddenly all knew the fireflies revealed an appreciation of each part of nature, each moment exposed in a flash. As the fireflies lit up they revealed a particular weed, or perhaps a special plant, a portion of a tree branch, or a beautiful insect, maybe a curious animal, or a hopeful person sitting alone.  All those who waited, watched, and were willing, now knew the mystery of life was in the taking time to know and love each and every part of nature and to live in each moment.


  1. Reminds me of the movie Avatar... where the Na'vi beings lived and all life was inter-related. I imagine it's what really is - even here, but we are not so evolved.

    1. Hi Rian, thanks, we have that movie recorded when it was free, will have to watch it.


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