Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Plates & Vases & Little Moments

sorry the lighting isn't the greatest in the photos

At the last farmers market a high school aged girl and her brother came into the booth and looked around, admiring my birds. An hour or two later she came back and bought one of the birds. Little moments like that keep me making pottery. The flock is slowly dwindling. I think there are five left.
The fan on the jeep is going out so we haven't been able to take the boat out even though the weather has been glorious for two days. We need the 4wd in case we slip on the boat ramp. There have been stories of non 4wd cars being pulled into the water.  Into the shop today, hope it's under warranty since we had already replaced the fan motor. I'm not sure why when they replaced the fan motor why they wouldn't just replace the fan too which has bearings separate from the fan? Stay tuned for more photos from this firing. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It's annoying when you have to "spell out" what needs to be done. One would think tht a new fan would've have been part of the replacement fan motor!

    I hope all is fixed and you can get out and about in the boat.

    Your pottery is great...and I can see why it is popular at the markets. :)

  2. Hi Lee, thanks so much, common sense just isn't in vogue with repair shops I guess.

  3. Common sense doesn't (sadly) give them the profits.
    Love your birds and can see why they are flying away.

  4. Hi Sue, thanks, was surprised to see a man looking at each bird and finally picking one, curiously he has a wood bird feeder he had just purchased in another booth, must have been a bird lover like you.


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