Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Clay Speaks Its Mind

new scroll bowl clay form using cassius basaltic clay
Sometimes the clay speaks it's mind and your hands just have to follow. I started out with a fairly large piece of cassius basaltic clay hoping to construct what I named a scroll bowl. Then a couple of things weren't working the way I wanted, so I modified my idea. After I made the bowl it was teetering so I knew I needed some feet. I put some small feet on it and it was still teetering. So I removed the small feet and made some longer feet. Since the feet are attached to the bottom and it is curved and am hoping they will stay attached. I'm anxious to see what happens as it dries.

drawing for new clay form
When I get an idea to make something in clay, I make a quick drawing so I'll remember my idea. The scroll bowl idea popped into my head, so I drew some mockups. As you can see from my drawings, what I made in clay doesn't look anything like the concept I had. Does anyone else do this? Do you have an idea, draw a mock up and then make the piece and it doesn't turn out anything like you drew or imagined? Then do you like the new form, better than your original concept? I still want to try making the scroll bowl, maybe next time.

new clay form front view

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