Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Promotion Ideas & Opportunities

Before I went to the Mountain Festival this past weekend, I was thinking of ways to improve my booth display. I wanted to make it interesting for those visiting my booth. I already have a written description of how I make my ceramic pieces which I place in an acrylic sign holder. (Get the sign holders that tip slightly backwards, it's easier for folks to read those than the ones that sit straight up). I also have an acrylic business card holder on my table.

I thought I'd make up a photo collage of the steps I take to make one ceramic piece starting with rolling the clay to the 'ready to bisque' piece and then place the collage in another acrylic sign holder for my other table. The piece I used for illustration was my fern leaf, slip decorated platter. It was a good idea since folks were really looking at the collage ... except...they wanted to see the finished fern leaf platter. I didn't have the fern leaf platter with me because it is in the drying cabinet. I'll be sure to have the finished piece with me next time. This was also an opportunity of asking those who wanted to see the fern leaf platter, if they would like me to notify them when the platter was completed.

I made another acrylic sign holder for the other table showing my teapot which won two blue ribbons with a description about that. Another good idea since folks were reading that too ... except ... I didn't have any teapots to sell and people asked me about them. It turns out lots of people love teapots and many collect them. Who knew. This was also another opportunity for me to take names for advance teapot orders. I think I would have better success taking orders if folks can see the actual teapot before they place the order. Since my teapot is in a gallery, I couldn't bring it with me and I don't have any other teapots I've made right now. At each art show I attend, I'm learning ways to promote my wares and discovering more promotional opportunities.

When I came home, I started thinking of new styles of teapots to make and made a few teapot sketches. Later I was reading an email from Ceramic Arts Daily and I saw some information on the National Teapot Show at Cedar Creek Gallery. Have a look. The show is posted on their site and there's page after page of teapots. I have only gotten to the first page so far. Can't wait to get back to them and see all the other teapots. If you don't subscribe to Ceramic Arts Daily, I highly recommend it. There are all kinds of clay tips, videos, book reviews and other tidbits delivered right to your email inbox.


  1. Hi Neighbor! I loved these ideas! I'm still settling in to my studio gallery in Cambria and I've been trying to think of ways to "show" the process so I can get people engaged and more comfortable in asking me questions, etc.

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! Mine completely disappeared from my site when I changed to a custom domain name a couple of days ago... I'm trying to get it to come back up and you'll certainly be on it!

  2. Hi Patricia, The signs really did encourage conversations both ways in my booth - I am sure it would work in your studio too. I am now thinking of a hanging acrylic sign even a little larger - as time and funds permit.

    I can't wait to visit your studio. It's my dream to have a studio/gallery combination one of these days.


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