Monday, September 29, 2008

All I have...

My horseshoe handle oblong bowl came out OK, so I brought it home. The glaze should be more of a light beige with carbon trapping instead of yellow brown, but I really like the form and the handles. This is a carbon trap shino glaze.

The rest of the pieces in the kiln were a big disappointment and not just my pieces either. Many pieces with matt white over black gloss looked like bubbly cottage cheese. Purple surprise was a surprise all right, orange shino was blond, even my rutile blue was just a blah tan. I didn't bring them home; I'll be re glazing. In our studio we don't have control over the the kiln firing. Cone 9 didn't even bend down, so the glazes weren't mature at all. Most re glazes I've done are only 30 percent successful, so we shall see.

On a more positive note, I completed four hand built textured vases and I'll take some photos tomorrow. I helped finish loading the rest of the bisque load and it will be fired this week.


  1. Hey Linda, I love the organic shape of this platter!

    What a bummer about the glaze firing - so it didn't reach temperature? Can they be refired - or does the kiln need a little work? Looking forward to seeing the vases!

  2. Thanks Cynthia.

    I think it's a combination of the kiln needing work and the guy firing too quickly. He put cones in but didn't look at them? I am going to refire them.

  3. that's a great piece!!!!!!
    cone 9 didn't go?????????? what are they thinking/doing?????
    we have the same complaints about the University studio here, OH YES WE DO!

  4. Gary, well that makes me feel a little better. But to load and unload a whole kiln load only to find you need to do it again, what waste of time. And I am one of the few that always help to load and unload.


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