Saturday, July 4, 2009

Buckwheat Clam Linguine

If you read one of my previous posts about Bats in the Belfry and you're reading this post, you are probably thinking, well now I know why Gary thinks Linda is a little batty. Buckwheat? Then if you read my last post, Linda's Pasta Salad, you know I am prone to throw just about anything from the pantry into one dish. You are correct about both but then you'd also know sometimes those rash decisions turn out pretty darned good. When you live 22 miles from the grocery store you make do. This post is about a quick, easy, and inexpensive dinner ready in less than 30 minutes. Pretty remarkable in this day and age. And, as you'll see, not too bad tasting either.

OK, you're asking yourself, who in their right mind would make clam linguine with buckwheat noodles. I have to admit I never would. But...I needed to make a meal quick so we could go out and do some watering and some weed eating while it is was cool and before darkness set in (when the bats come out).

I already had the water boiling on the stove. I had the handy-dandy store bought Alfredo sauce opened up and had opened a can of clams. Then I looked in the pantry and there was no pasta. None to be found. Then I remembered I had purchased a package of Japanese buckwheat noodles on sale, and there they were staring at me from the recesses of the cabinet. So I only hesitated a minute and opened them up and threw two sections (there were three sections in the package) of noodles in the water and hoped for the best. Just boil the noodles, drain and put in a casserole dish. Add Alfredo sauce and clams, toss and serve. A little fresh mint leaf garnish doesn't hurt either. It is that easy. The most expensive item was the Alfredo sauce. The noodles and clams I bought on sale.

Gary came to the table and said, "What is this; the noodles look a little strange colored?" I said it's Buckwheat Clam Linguine. He said buckwheat? I said yes, try it, it's really good, (lying through my teeth). First bite we took was an itsy-bitsy, very gingerly one - not too bad. Then a regular sized bite - we didn't scream out in terror. Hey, Buckwheat Clam Linguine is pretty good. In fact it's really tasty. While this recipe isn't the usual BBQ or corn-on-the-cob often served on this holiday, one of these days you just might want to make something quick - and it could be Buckwheat Clam Linguine. Happy 4th.


  1. Linda, I always find something good in your blog. This is called in Italy: take by the throat.

  2. Hi! I'm just now back from my trip and will be blogging about it soon. In the meantime, I am reading blogs. Buckwheat noodles (soba, I think) are one of my favorite meals. Good protein.

  3. Welcome back Amy, can't wait to hear about your trip and hopefully see some photos.


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