Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cedar Key Arts Festival

The painting above is a rubbing is made from a real fish and is 4 foot across. This was first of many beautiful pieces of art we saw at the Cedar Key Arts Festival this weekend. What a beautiful location for a festival. I really enjoy looking at art and talking with the artists. Besides I'm going to as many art festivals as I can to see which ones I might like enter next year.

I knew I'd see an ocean influence in work at the festival, but fish seemed to be swimming all over the place like this metal sculpture. I love the patina on the fish.

These were some nice wood turned bowls made from various local woods.

Birds were also prevalent in the art displayed. This one is made from wood.

Here's some thrown and slab built pottery with a coastal influence. In my last post I talked about tropical influence; I made my pieces before going to the festival and seems I was correct about what type of work might be made in this area of the country.

Long needle pine baskets have always intrigued me and I plan to take a class from the woman who does this work. I'd like to add a pine needle portion to top of one of my pots.

A giant sculpture of a fisherman and a beautiful mosaic wall graced the middle of town.

Another fish sculpture, there were quite a number of metal artists at the festival. There was much more beautiful art, but even though we got there very early, the crowds moved in and I couldn't get any good shots of the work.

Cedar Key is a picturesque town which I suspect reverted back to a sleepy fishing village after the festival ended. Gary and I plan to go back again real soon to see more of the town and to take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. what fun Linda.
    I have long needle pines here and someday....I wouod like to know how to use them.
    I have seen the baskets and they are beautiful!

  2. Looks like fun festival. You are in the neighborhood of one of my favorite bloggers, PureFlorida. You probably bumped elbows with him.
    Guess you missed all the bad weather as it was farther south.

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  4. Hi Meredith, thanks, one of these days I hope I have time to take a class using the needles. You are lucky to have those pines, they are getting rare.

    Hi Patti, thanks, Pure Florida, I must look that one up, thanks for the reference. We got the lightening and rain, but not too bad.

  5. I was lucky enough to find Cedar Keys by accident a few years ago. It's a fantastic little town. How great that you were there for the festival.

  6. Hi Lori, thanks, yes we can't wait to go back, do some bird watching, shopping, sight seeing, relaxing.

  7. Hi Linda

    What a wonderful festival! I wish I could see the pieces with my own eyes! I totally enjoyed walking with you! The metal sculpture in the second photo is really fantastic and as you mentioned, the patina is so beautiful. In our country, fish rubbings or fish impressions are very popular. Was sumi(black ink) used for the piece in the first photo?
    PS I love your flower plates!

  8. I love Cedar Key and was thrilled to be included in the festival. Hope you will get a chance to go back - don't miss Tony's world famous clam chowder and on Dock Street you can get palm salad - a classic dish.

  9. Hi Sapphire, thanks, the festival was really a good one and there was a woman with some beautiful baskets and I didn't get photos of her work and when I got home I was so sorry I didn't; I don't think the fish impression was with black ink for this one but there may have been others that were, each was beautiful. My photo doesn't do justice to the one I have shown here it was really quite spectacular. I might try pressing some fish into slip and see if I can achieve a look similar to this on clay. The fish look like fossils to me and I love the prehistoric look of them. I think my flower plates need a little something, but not sure what, perhaps it is because the plate doesn't have a rim that I feel it is missing something. I might bring it to class and see what my ceramics instructor says about it.

  10. Hi Seaphemera, thanks and welcome here to my blog, can't wait to visit yours. I see you are a very close neighbor of mine, I hope to get to meet you in person one of these days. I plan on having an open studio once I get my home all organized (remodeled); I am sorry I missed you at the festival. Thanks for the referrals on the restaurants in Cedar Key.

  11. Looks like you landed near some wonderful places. Love the tropical influence on the art.


  12. Thanks for sharing festival art; it looks like you found a very creative corner of Fl to reside.

    Hope your moving in, remodeling and getting firings started all go well. Joan T

  13. What a great festival~~~we have a lady in our area who does the pine needle baskets, baskets one of my weakness~~~and the work of Seaphemera is very nice, love the shell jewelery~~~Thanks for sharing

  14. Hi Barbara, thanks, I think we may have lucked out with our choice, every day it gets better and better.

    Hi Joan, thanks ever so much for your well wishes, so far things are going along really well.

    Hi Carroll, thanks, I wish I had taken photos of anothe woman's work with basketry, you would have died to have one they were so beautiful we were sorely tempted to get one of her very tall ones, but with three cats we knew they would destroy it so we resisted reluctantly. I wish I had seen Seaphemora's work in person, I got on her website and she sells in a local show not far from here so we will take a trip down there probably next week.

  15. Brought back a great market basket from the trip to Jamaica~~~we have had many cats in the house and they never bothered any baskets but then you never know~~~I would hate to buy one and have the kitties shred it~~~~

  16. Hi Carrol, thanks, I have a laundry basket and they are regularly scratching on it, so too big a risk. I have two scratch pads for them, but they tend to use the side of the bed and other places too. Ugh.


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