Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Few More

Two Clay Vase by Linda Starr

This is my favorite piece from this firing. I like how the embedded clay turned a rich black brown, and the satin glaze is subtle, barely there. The edge is ruffled just enough to emphasize the diagonal strips of dark clay. The glaze on the interior makes a nice contrast but not too sharp. I like to hold this vase, to feel the embedded clay and the softness of the stoneware next to it. The other pieces with embedded clay weren't as successful as this one.

Two Tone Basket by Linda Starr

I can't take credit for the glazing technique on this pinched basket, it was Gary's idea. He keeps saying he isn't artistic, but I know differently. He always looks at things in a completely different way. I missed glazing the inside of a couple of feet. I need to start looking at each piece twice (with my magnifying glasses on) before I consider it is completed.

Vase With Squares by Linda Starr

I amazed myself that this piece made it through so many transports till it's final firing - in the RV while it was green, the car transported to our new home, the car transported to be bisqued, the car transported back to house to be glazed, the car transported back to be glaze fired, the car transported back here for you to see.

I put three coats of glaze on but the red clay seems to soak up the color. I intended for it to be a darker turquoise but the black isn't as dark as I expected either so the two work OK together. The piece isn't tipsy, but it could tip over easily if knocked. I may have to display it with some sand inside it. I wonder what a flower displayed behind the open square would look like. Too hokey? What do you think? Sometimes I like making pieces in clay just to challenge myself.

Vase with Collar by Linda Starr

This pinched vase is a little too thick at the bottom and the glaze bubbled ever so slightly on one side but the surface isn't broken. Gary is staying at some wonderful hotel in Tucson for his cousin's daughter's wedding. I am totally jealous, he promises to bring back photos. He tried to go to the biosphere today, but it was closed.

If you didn't get a chance, please check out the previous post for more from this kiln load and do let me know what you think, I value your input. Tracey Broome was mentioning how she had lunch with some potter friends and they brought a pot to be critiqued. I brought some of my work to the college the other day, but class ends in two weeks. Hopefully we'll all stay in touch over the summer. The woman who fired my work has given me some pointers too.

Stay tuned for more from this firing coming up as soon as I take more photos. Then I have new pieces I've been working on with some colored slip, and not just blue and green either. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. I agree with Gary, that two toned basket is cool. He does have a good eye.
    Sorry your class is ending soon, at least it introduced you to the potting community.

  2. the first piece looks like it has wind blowing gently against it.
    I like the movement the dark clay has against the light.

  3. Hi Patti, thanks, yes I am slowly making friends here.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I plan to keep making pieces with two types of clay.

  4. I really, really like the basket, Linda. But would squeal with joy if it were in one shade (but that's just me, I'm not a split-color gal). Thanks to your patience I'm beginning to learn about glazes. Looking back at your previous post, I decided the pyramid's glaze was my favorite. Don't know what this means, but we're getting there (and what a fun trip). Sorry you couldn't go to the wedding, but Gary's making good driving time.

  5. I like the way the embedded clay came out:)

  6. Hi Kittie, thanks, I plan on making more baskets with single glaze and double glaze. Most of the pieces look much better in person than in the photos. I've got to get back into the groove of photography.

  7. Hi Kelly, thanks, I really like mixing clays, and I especially like the natural color of the clays without glazes, more work to be done in that area for me for sure.


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