Thursday, May 27, 2010

Over Hill, Over Dale

Five Sided Pyramid by Linda Starr

Four Sided Pyramid by Linda Starr

Six Wheels by Linda Starr

Wrapped Box No 1 by Linda Starr

Wrapped Box No 2 by Linda Starr

Spirit Jar No 1 by Linda Starr

Spirit Jar No 2 by Linda Starr

Camo Cylinder by Linda Starr

Here's some results from my past few months work. I made all of this work traveling in an RV across the United States. Both the work and the maker have literally been over hill, over dale, and then some. Stay tuned for more results tomorrow. Gary's made it to Texas near El Paso today. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. ooh, i like the wrapped boxes (must make more of these) and the 4sided pyramid the best! all are very nice :)

  2. I love your work but I really want to give some kisses to those kitties down there.

  3. great surface on wrapped box #1 - it's a beauty. spirit jar #2 is my favorite - very figurative and soulful.

  4. Linda, love the new pots; good luck to Gary on trip.. your adventure sounds satisfying and wonderful. JT

  5. Linda, they're all beautiful! But I especially love Spirit Jar #2! It touches the soul! And Gary's doing great with his odyssey!

  6. Kittie beat me to it--they are all great but my favorite is spirit jar #2! I love your explorations of form. Gay

  7. Isn't it wonderful to get your pots out of the kiln! They must all have such stories to tell of your road trip to Florida. Glad to hear Gary's doing well on his journey.

  8. I love the glazes, especially the copper patina effect on the pyramid and wrapper box. These appear to be stoneware, what low fire glaze did you use? Did you fire these at home? Really, quite beautiful. I left a comment on my blog about porcelain. - Sue

  9. Hi Kim, thanks so much, I am glad I finally have fired work to show on my blog.

    Hi Kelly, thanks and welcome, yes my cats are my companions through thick and thin. When I am calling them I say kitten, kitten, but they are all mature cats.

    Hi Michele, thanks so much, I plan to make more of both forms.

    Hi Joan, thanks so much for comments about my new work and your well wishes; means a lot to me.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, so glad you feel the jar, these pieces just came to me in their current state and I am glad they turned out nicely.

    Hi Gay, thanks so much, glad you are enjoying my work, the comments mean a lot to me.

    Hi Judy, thanks, hope Gary will have the same luck driving back.

    Hi Sue, thanks, the copper patina glaze I used is from the local college; I've asked them for the recipe. The clay is Navajo Wheel from IMCO clay in Sacramento, California; it fires red in oxidation. I really love this clay. Unfortunately it is not available on the East Coast (I already checked) and shipping would cost a fortune. I may have Gary get some for me when he's out there. I used Amaco mid fire glazes; for the last pot I used Mayco low fire crystal over mid fire glaze - see my post called Glaze Crazy. The last pot looks wonderful in real life, the clay has turned a burgandy red and the glaze has flashed. My photography isn't the greatest this time. A local potter fired these for me Cone 5 with 10 minute hold, while I wait for my kiln to be delivered. I'm looking for my graduated backdrop and making a photo tent this weekend. I'll check your blog, thanks.

  10. Linda, It's really nice to see them glazed and finished. I know your pots put in some miles.

  11. Lovely to see your work, and fun to think of it being made on your journey. Your Spirit Jars are really interesting, I really like them.

    Thank you for checking to see if I was OK, I really appreciate it. Sorry not to have posted for such a long time or to have been in touch, it has been a bit of a strange month, I have been finding a lot of things have been feeling a bit overwhelming, and blogging has been one thing too many for me. I think I rather overworked getting ready for my last exhibition, and my "batteries" ran down!!
    Big Hugs, P, L, and Ginger the Cat

  12. Hi Connie, thanks, I'm happy with the results, yep they put in some miles and I have some miles on me too, he he.

    Hi Peter, thanks, so glad to hear from you. I know how you feel about overwhelming, things have been that way for me for a while and I am slowly recovering; I've had to slow down with all I do and have put the remodel on slow because conversely I find the clay and my blog more beneficial to my psyche. All the problems in the world affect me greatly, perhaps too greatly, so no TV now, no news, only facebook, I may have to give that up too. My batteries will only take a slow charge right now; I am slowly converting over to new ones. Started a 72 hour liquid fast, I already feel better today. Take it easy and go to the beach I find that very helpful. I'm coming up on a milestone birthday, ugh. I wish I was around the corner I'd come over and cook a great meal for you and Laura and Ginger. Hugs to you, Laura, and Ginger.

  13. Linda,

    It's always good to hear from you- thanks for your comments! I'm way behind on blogging... perhaps this new blackbery that work gave me will help with pics. Clams? I've never eaten one.... and I really like the four sided pyramid on this blog and the wrapped box... those colors are amazing too! We're scheduled to do raku here next Saturday--- anyway, happy pottery-making and safe travels to Gary

  14. Hi Amy, thanks, congrats on the blackberry. Never had clams, I am amazed. thanks about my work, raku again, you are always up to something up there.


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