Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strange Prop

Yesterday I was exploring bag forms. The first piece is open on the sides. I've cut holes and threaded a coil through to hold the sides together. I textured the inside and the outside of both bags.

The second bag I pinched the sides together and added two little handles. This form reminds me of a woven purse I had years ago. It had long handles and a zipper to close the top and it was washable. It must have been cotton.

I was worried about the second bag drooping and pulling the sides apart. So I quickly looked for something to prop it up with. My solution was to use cans of V8 juice from the pantry. I think V8 juice is a strange prop for clay. What about you, have you used a strange prop to hold up a piece of pottery?

Anyone have corelite kiln shelves? Where did you order yours? Bennett Pottery said they don't carry them and don't know who does. I can't seem to find who actually makes the shelves on the internet. Perhaps I can use a regular shelf on the bottom and then corelite for the others.

Gary has been occupied chipping out tile so he'll be up next telling about the worst motel he ever stayed in. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Hi Linda..
    Well, there you go..V8 is good for you too!..anything handy that will do the trick works for me :).. the bags.;)

  2. props - girl scout cookie boxes, canned soup, inflated balloons, baby wipes, even a bag of dog food once lol.

    love that form at the top, very nicely done, you should make more of those! my brain is running away w/ the possibilities lol.

  3. nothing in the kitchen is safe.
    The last time I was making small handmade dishes I found my rice sock to be useful along with just wading up plastic bags.
    Yep- those are fun Linda!

  4. Lovely work. I see your white feather vase on the sidebar. The day I moved into my new place, a white feather was waiting on the door mat for me... I look forward to reading more.

  5. Linda,
    I got some Corelite shelves from Highwater Clays in Asheville, NC. Expensive but very nice. I got full round shelves for the large bowls I'm doing.

  6. Hi Trish, thanks, yes 'I could have had a V8', picture me slapping my forehead, te he.

    Hi Kim, thanks, I guess I'm not the only one using crazy items as props; I should have guessed. I made a purse last night with tall handles; thinking of more too. They are fun to make.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I should have used a rice bag on my kudzu plate it warped up in the middle boo hoo.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, what a wonderful thing to have a white feather welcoming you. I found that white feather at the top of our driveway at your previous home and we were trying to sell it, after that we did. I considered the white feather a sign of good luck.

    Hi Michael, thanks, I will check with them; my old supplier on the West Coast has them, but the shipping would be so much more from them, than the East Coast.


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