Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Inspiration

Here's a native pink purselane, Portulaca pilosa, I found blooming by the side of the house. The flowers are about half an inch in diameter and like dry sandy soil. You can find hybrid varieties of Portulaca, or moss rose, in the nurseries. No matter how hot it is outside I need to take a walk in the morning because there's lots to discover.

We're trying to get organized, getting rid of unnecessary clutter before we unload the treasure bus. I had a bunch of old decorating craft magazines published in the 1970s I picked up this past winter. There's lots of summer inspiration for clay in these magazines.

This article about making handmade paper had some neat patterns I thought would be good to use for ceramic glazing techniques. I better keep this one. I'm supposed to be sorting through these magazine and getting rid of them. Hopefully Gary doesn't read this post, he hates the pack rat in me. Oh, maybe I'll just rip out the pages that inspire me, that might appease him.

Look at this yarn goat, I'll bet Cindy would find inspiration in this yarn animal for her metal sculptures.

Oh, here's an article about using scallop shells. Remember my scallop shell diving trip? Perhaps I'll have enough to make a lamp and some wind chimes.

Hey, here's a description on how to do a fish rubbing. I just saw some fish rubbings at Cedar Key art festival not too long ago.

Ken, our tile guy, is just coming in from mixing up another batch of thinset. Ken has lots of experience in his profession.

Look at this intricate cut Ken has figured out. This tile goes form the dining area into the hall and around the corner into the utility room as one tile.

This is one of the many reasons to have a professional tile installer lay your tile. Ken has lots of experience figuring out how to make the tile laying a seamless transition between rooms. Another option if left with a sliver of tile in the next room is to put in a contrasting threshold. So far we haven't come across that. Well I better get to clipping out magazine articles. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. your tile guy is an expert!
    Great job!
    Isn't it fun to see all your things!

  2. A good idea for the articles, tear out the pages you want , put them in a loose leaf binder and mark the catagories with dividers, takes up less room, then drop off the rest of the mag to the library someone might be looking for something in the rest of it or at a center like park and rec for summer crafts

  3. I love art/craft/clay magazines! I, too, was hoarding mags before our move. I had so many that I just couldn't leave behind. Carted them here, and then ended up giving them away anyway! I met another potter who I knew would love going through them and would share them with others. Passing it on!... Wow, your tile is going to look great!

  4. Isn't purselane edible? Haven't tried it myself yet.
    What a great job he did on that tile. Professionals are worth the big bucks.

  5. Ahhh!!! you are so right!! I would love to weld a goat -I actually got a request for one after the "Steel Wool" Sheep -wouldn't those be fun?! I was even thinking of using woodstove spring handles for the horns... OK, I', on it.

    I could NEVER, EVER figure out how to have cut that tile! My brain doesn't even process that way :o) Thanks for the inspiration girlfriend!

  6. Your tile is looking great!

    I love going through all my old magazines - I'd have a hard time giving them all away. The idea about tearing out pages is a good one - but sometimes I find my interests change so what I'm interested in now would be different later - but I may be giving all my magazines away if we get to move.

  7. Hi Meredith, thanks, yes thank goodness we got a competent person to lay tile being new in town one never knows. I advertised on craigslist and Ken called me form that ad.

    Hi Carroll, thanks, yes I am after saving storage space since I have so much ceramics stuff and want to whittle away at the surperfluous stuff, good idea.

    Hi Patricia, thanks, I did that with some other magazines and finally went through them in the motorhome, but this was another stack I got at the RV park. Now they are gone too except the articles.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I don't know if it is edible or not, but it sure is pretty looking. Luckily Ken isn't charging us the big bucks, he's a bargain for his expertise since we hired him directly.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, coil springs that's a great idea, I could just see the goat, but didn't know how you'd make his hair, but the springs are perfect. Remember the slinky toys, ha just thought of them. Oh I bet you could figure out that tile; I know there is a trick Ken uses placing the tile against the way, but I always have to have him explain it to me; I guess if I used it every day like he does.

    Hi Judy, thanks, have faith and persistence - you will be moving I just know you will; if I could move with the market so bad in California I just know you can.


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