Sunday, August 22, 2010

Leaf Bottle and a Spider

Today I made this tall leaf bottle. It's about 16 inches tall and 3 by 4 inches wide, sort of oval in shape. I used cassius basaltic clay so it won't have a glaze, just the slipped leaves. Because this clay is so dark, it's messy and gets all over everything and is hard to clean up. But I still like it.

Earlier Gary came running in the house and said "Quick get your camera and come outside". I said, "Is it a turtle? He said, "No it's a big spider eating something behind the shed". Gary was pressure washing the shed. He lightly misted the spider and it climbed into a tree. When Gary was finished pressure washing the shed, the spider came back to his web. I think it might be a golden silk orb weaver. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. That is an impressive spider! It is like something out of science fiction.

    I am looking at the photo of your first tea pot. It is really lovely, I'm most impressed, do you still have it?

    The slipped leaves on your leaf bottle look really great. Nice and clear, I hope the firing is a great success.

  2. Hi Peter, thanks, that spider was impressive, so glad Gary called me out there to get a photo. yes I do still have the teapot. It was Rods mix cone 10 clay fired in reduction with a celery glaze. I wish I had the recipe for that glaze as it breaks so nicely. someone left a bit in a bucket in the school I was attending and I decided to use it. I was thinking I should have made one of the leaves facing the front, but maybe not, might try it again with a different pattern.

  3. That vase is great! Love the contrasting colors of the clay and the leaves. I like it where the leave are put, makes you want to take a closer look.

    I've never heard if cassius basaltic clay, is it a clay that doesn't need a glaze? What color will it be when it is fired?

    The clay I use is a stoneware clay with no grog, lovely to work with for throwing or building. The red clay is for max temp 1150C and the white is max 1180C.
    The black is a slip made from the same white clay with manganese-oxide mixed in it. I'm not sure if it will stay black, could be it turns out brown in the firing.

  4. So glad Gary didn't just blast the spider out of exhistance with the power spray as most people would. Nice capture, don't think I have ever seen one dining before.
    That leaf bottle is really neat looking.

  5. I was looking at a garden spider yesterday with a nice fat catch.
    Mark and i both have a garden spider in our separate tomato gardens- his is putting out more tomatoes right now.
    Great bottle- do tell more about the clay.

  6. Linda.. beautiful vase.. the leaves will be terrific set against the dark clay. :)
    the spider...eeeeek!! :) good pic, though.

  7. Doesn't is seem that the most beautiful clays are also the most difficult to work with in one respect or another. The bottle does look beautiful, I can see why you like the clay.

  8. Beautiful leaf bottle and very nice contrast! I don't like spiders, they are so icky and creepy and some of them bite. lol Thanks for your comment on my current post, but I left you an award, on the previous post! Check it out, when you have time. Have a great week!

  9. Hi Monique, thanks, Gary said the same thing about the leaves, made him want to look around the edges to see the rest of the leaves. My next post I've given more info about this cassius basaltic clay.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yeah Gary was kind to the spider. thanks about the leaf bottle.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, check out my next post for clay info.

    Hi Trish, thanks, I love this clay for the contrast with the slip colors.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes it does seem like that about the pretty clays, like some of the porcelains too.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, I saw the award, thanks for the reminder though, I promptly forgot about it the next day, where is my memory going, yikes? I better go back and read that post again right now before I forget again.

  10. Love your bottle, the green leaves are such a nice addition, and contrast. Spiders...hmmm. I love to watch them build their webs, but not sure I'd enjoy seeing one chowing down on it's catch. We had a HUGE spider one summer up in the eaves of the front porch, we named him Charlie and watched him every day. One day he was gone forever and I feared he was "waitin" inside to surprise me and kill me. Don't even know what kind he was though.

  11. Hi Barbara, thanks, I love this black clay just because of the contrast it gives when I use other colors with it. I made the green leaves more of a lighter mint color so they would give even more contrast. Waitin inside to kill you, that's like out of a scary movie. spider's are kind of scary looking, some of them can move so fast, that makes them even scarier.


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