Saturday, August 14, 2010

Test Kitchen

Here's the sushi plate I made a couple of week ago, in use with my tornado prawns, brown rice, salad and a slice of orange. The plate's better purposed as a sushi plate. There's no foot or lip to the plate; it lies flat on the table. Any serving with a sauce might have a tendency to run off the edge. But these plates stack very nicely in the cupboard and at 8.25 inches square, don't take up much room.

I know I posted this recipe some time ago, but it is so good I thought I'd re post with more photos for those who didn't see it. I changed the ingredients slightly by leaving out the mushrooms and celery, but it's just as good. Start the brown rice first and then prepare and cook the tornado prawn ingredients.

Saute garlic and fresh chopped ginger in a tablespoon of butter. Then add the prawns and saute on medium high for one minute on each side till they just turn pink, then add the sliced peppers and capers, cook for one minute and then add a cup of coconut milk and cook till a fork inserted comes out easily. Serve immediately with the rice.

Later I asked Gary if he wanted a second helping? Of course he said yes. He was wondering why I offered ever so politely to serve him, when I whisked the plate away to take another photo. I could hear him in the kitchen saying, where's my seconds, and oh gee, let me guess, you must be taking more photos of food.

A little open space around the food enhances the look of the plate. This plate is the one I used painter's tape as a resist and used two different glazes. Don't leave out the fresh ginger and capers, those two opposing flavors really make this dish sing to the palate.


  1. That looks delicious and so pretty on your plates. As ginger and capers are two of my favorite ingredients, I'll definitely have to try this recipe!

    Ha, Nick gets annoyed too when I'm photographing the food he is waiting to eat... :-) Oh well, they get fed eventually...


  2. 2nds? heheh thats funny i can see you in the kitchen snaping pics now.... great looking plates, they're really rustic and work well with great food colours too...:))

  3. Really beautiful plate. Love your ingredients.

  4. Hi Miri, thanks, I love capers and ginger too. I chopped the ginger kind of large, but it softens up with the saute, these are so good and quick and easy too. yeah they always get to eat, but act like they never do.

    Hi Ang, thanks, I actually took the plate in the other room with better light, snapped the photo and brought it back, he he. You are right about the color. when I glazed them I was thinking they'd be too dark, but now I see a dark plate is good with bright colors of food.

  5. Hi Jack, thanks so much, hope you're surviving the heat out there.

  6. Linda, we are surviving. Lotsa siesta time during the summer. Thanks for remembering.

  7. Looks delicious and a beautiful presentation,too. My family used to complain about me taking the food pics, too, but they got used to it. They really didn't really have a choice! lol

  8. Hey Jack, thanks, I have never taken a siesta in my life, but since moving to Florida I have taken up the habit.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, no, there's no stopping us, is there?

    Hi Michele, thanks.

  9. What a lovely arrangement of food on a lovely plate(first photo)!! That looks so yummy! "A little open space around the food enhances the look of the plate" That's true! We often arrange food on dishes in a similar way as you did!! The plate is really beautiful!  

  10. Hi Sapphire, thanks so much, I'm sure chefs and cooks alike learn food arrangement and a little open space around the plate enhances the look of the food too.


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