Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blast From the Past

Thought you'd enjoy
a blast from the past

some of what I've
unpacked this week

Unpacking is sometimes fun

I discovered a house plant
just fits in the pitcher

Blasts may appear randomly
Comments welcome


  1. it is fun to unpack things you haven't seen in some time... sort of gives you a new perspective. i unpacked some old stuff a few weeks ago, put them out in the gallery and they sold the next day!

  2. Hi Michele, thanks, that's wonderful making a sale of previous work and so quickly. I plan on having an open studio when we get back, getting organized for that, hope I do well too.

  3. It must have felt like Christmas again when you were unpacking those pots. My favorite is the covered pot.

  4. Hi Linda

    All of them are lovely! My favorite is the pitcher! The design on its surface is stunning and the color is so chic! Thanks for sharing the blast from past!

  5. Hi Lori, thanks, it did feel like Christmas, I still have a couple of small boxes to unpack and I am having a "blast", te he. The covered box is a tea dust glaze and the dust was plentiful on that one and it broke with some mahogany too which was an added bonus.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, I thought of you when I unpacked this pitcher, because of the bamboo. The leaf design on the outside is to imitate bamboo with teadust glaze on the leaves and handle and the remainder and exterior is a celadon glaze.

  6. I recently unpacked several items of personal meaning, washed them and then displayed them on a shelf of what I'm referring to as my cottage room. It was so fun and meditative to spend time this way. Re: the second bowl. The glaze gives it a Frankoma pottery look, which I love. Your plant looks perfect for that pitcher!

  7. Hi Teresa, thanks, yes I have in my own way been meditating with the past and thinking of improving on the future. Frankoma, interesting observation. That bowl was supposed to be a swirly blue on the interior and there wasn't enough reduction so turned out that creamy, swirly color. It took me a long time to recognize the beauty of the glaze since I expected something completely different, isn't that the way, one of the reasons I love reduction, makes me learn to appreciate what I get not what I want.


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