Sunday, September 19, 2010

Burnt Offerings

stoneware purse
barrel fired with oxides and botanicals
9 x 10.5 x 2.5 inches

The handles broke off, but cleanly. I'll epoxy them on. I plan to put the purse on a wood base with a groove, so it stands upright on it's own.

purse without handle

back of purse

porcelain pinch bowl
prepared with strips of slipped paper towel
barrel fired with oxides and botanicals

side view

bottom view

strange coppery bronze circle
on another pinch bowl

fresh out of the barrel

Some of the pieces didn't get color so I am refiring those right now. Closed forms like the purse work better than open forms. The fire has a hard time getting to the inside of forms like the porcelain bag form on the right. I'll post photos in the morning of the refires. Comments welcome.


  1. Wow, Linda! Neat colors... would be fun for you to be here for a barrel firing. I wonder what you put into the barrel to help achieve those colors. Your wisdom?

  2. The coppery bronze circle looks like raku. Have you done any? It creates some very interesting effects. It's fun to be a part of your day, your creative process.

  3. Hi Amy, thanks, I use RIO, copper carb, copper scubbies, fine steel wool, spanish moss, and sprinkle a little salt in too.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, yes did a bit of raku, but not much. I used a metal basket for the large bags and I think the copper might have blended with the metal of the basket and melted on the piece.

  4. Very interesting results, it is amazing what comes out of the fire.

  5. Hi Kitty, thanks, interesting to say the least, that's for sure. Lots of fun though. Hope all is well with you.

  6. Linda..super, super!! nice colours.. Have you worked with the copper scubbies alot?? I am looking forward to trying that at the next barrel firing I do..
    wanting to get the rusty colours and now, thanks to you and others, I know to also use red slip and burnish that...:)..
    happy eve. T.

  7. Hi Trish, thanks, I have used the copper scrubbies before, make sure if they have the plastic soap thing inside that you cut that part out and use a small amount taped against the piece. I have found white clay makes for better colors in barrel firings than red clay or slip, which tends to turn black. Good luck.

  8. What an interesting result!! I love love love your porcelain pinch bowl! The colors are so neat!

  9. Hi Sapphire, thanks, yes I love that one because of the markings and the color, particularly the coppery green splotch. This type of firing really is fun.


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