Monday, October 25, 2010

More Seagrove Potteries

The second day in Seagrove we stopped by Michele Hastings and Jeff Brown pottery. Michele recommended that Gary and I go to the Jugtown Pottery since they have a pottery museum she thought we'd enjoy.

I purchased this lovely lavender bowl made by Vernon Owens. One of my favorite colors is lavender, so I just couldn't resist. The bowl is 5 x 7 inches and I love the matt color. The lowered ridge below the lip with the scallop is perfect for holding the bowl on the outside. The simple yet elegant design really appealed to me.

I met Michele through through her blog. When she and Jeff decided to move to Seagrove from New Hampshire, she contacted me about what to look for in a bus to use as a moving van. She got the idea about using a bus from my blog, isn't that cool. Since Gary and I have had four buses, I could give her all the details she needed to know to use a bus as a moving vehicle. Michele gave me this mug, which is my new favorite mug for my morning coffee, it fits my hand just perfectly. Thanks Michele, Gary and I really enjoyed visiting with you and seeting your new studio and gallery.

We ended up spending several hours looking at all the pots in the museum at Jugtown and I took many photos so I'll put them in a separate post for next time, so stay tuned.

And if you missed it, be sure to check the previous post to see some beautiful pots I acquired for my collection from Whynot Pottery and Michael Mahan.


  1. that's a sweet little bowl from jugtown... jugtown is such a nice setting and the museum is a little treasure. the cool thing is that pam owen is from NH too!
    thank you again for all the great bus advice... it sure has been an adventure.

  2. That lavender scalloped bowl is beautiful. I agree. Love that color, too. And a mug that fits your hand perfectly. That's essential. I always feel as though I've received a letter from a friend when I read your posts. That's nice.

  3. You had such a great trip! I'm enjoying the photos and details. That dropped rim on the lavender bowl is sweet.
    And how cool to meet your blogging friends!

  4. Hi Michele, thanks, that bowl is about batter size, you know Gary's relatives are from NH too. A bus is always an adventure, never a dull moment, eh. Thanks again for the mug, I love it.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, I just love the color lavender so couldn't resist and I love the color breaks to a dark blue/black on the edges. So glad you are enjoying my posts. Perhaps blogs now take the place of letters since folks don't seem to write them as much as they used to, that's a nice way to think of the blogs.

    Hi Judy, thanks, the design of this bowl is so simple and yet so functional. It is so nice to pick it up with both hands placed just under the dropped rim, it feels secure to hold it that way, I am sure even with something heavy in it. I had a blast and wish I had had more time to spend there, hope to go back again.

  5. we use to use a glaze very close to that color on the Jugtown bowl I will have to see if it is still around here.

  6. Hi Meredith, thanks, I tried to get some hints on the ingredients of this glaze from them, but I wasn't successful, I've never seen this color in high fire before.

  7. Gosh, great colors on that mug.
    Reading your post reminds me that I need to go and visit Seagrove! Glad you spent a bunch of time there... peace!

  8. Great designs. I love pottery. It is an honor for me to tell me that my photos can inspire you. Greetings

  9. Hi Amy, thanks, yes, be sure to visit Jugtown if you go. I think you like ceramics for drinking, mugs and yunomi. Ha.

    Hi Leovi, thanks, thanks, I'll check them out.


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