Friday, October 22, 2010

Seagrove Potteries

On a recent trip to Seagrove, North Carolina a couple of weeks ago I visited as many potteries as I could fit in. The first couple of days we stayed in our motorhome at Whynot Pottery. I couldn't resist getting a tile and a small vase from Meredith and Mark's gallery.

When I got home I opened up my package and inside I found Meredith had included these earrings she made. Wasn't that sweet. Thanks Meredith.

The next day Meredith took us to visit several potteries in the area and I got this soul pot at Michael Mahan's gallery. Mary gave us a tour while Michael was busy firing the kiln with Levi. Gary and I both love the color turquoise and I have always admired Michael's soul pots, so this pot spoke to both of us.

I had to curb my appetite in case I wanted to buy something at Clay and Blogs Show in Southern Pines. By the way if you're nearby, there's still time to go and see the work and perhaps find a special pot or two. There aren't many places you can see so many artist's work from around the world all in one place. Up next a few more potteries we visited while we were in Seagrove.


  1. You really made some special and lovely choices. I was really impressed with the thoughtful gift of the earrings. Wouldn't it be nice if all business did that?

  2. Hi Patti, thanks, you know you are right I'll have to keep that in mind for when I start selling at the art fairs and via my studio.

  3. Sounds like a great time! How lucky to be able to go see all the pottery pals. Some day....

  4. Hi Linda

    Your choices are very nice!! And sounds like lovely potteries! The small vase is fantastic! I love it too! I was in my hometown for a while and have just caught up with your recent posts. I found your pink skyscaper vase fabulous!! I love the color( pink is chic!!) and small squares!!

  5. Hi Patricia, thanks, yes I was truly lucky to visit there and I hope to go back in January if I can.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, yes the small vase is very nice I love the red swirl. The pink skyscraper vase is still in greenware, and that is the color of the clay, but I must look for a recipe for pink to see if I can use it somewhere. It is a color not seen that often and sometimes mixing pink with a contrasting color like gray would be nice I think sort of 1950s colors. The small square one I may glaze with alternating colors for each square, time consuming, but may be worth the effort. I'll post when they are done. thanks so much.

  6. Lovely choices and earrings! I especially like the turquoise soul pot. Would love to visit that area someday!

  7. Been wanting to go there - will have to make the trip.

  8. Hi Marguerite, thanks, yeah the turqooise is a color not often seen in high fire pottery and I like it too; hope you get to visit there one day and the zoo there is wonderful too, stay tuned for a couple more posts too.

    Hi Cheri, thanks, worth a trip and go to the zoo too, also more posts about the area coming up next, so stay tuned.


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