Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm still thinking about templates and forms to aid in the construction of my skyscraper vases. Hey, that's a good name for them, skyscrapers. I made this skyscraper using a cardboard form to help hold the vase up till I got the sides attached to one another. I think it's more than 16 inches tall. My kiln is only so tall. I'm drawing up plans now on how I'll construct a piece which fits together so I can get some height. I'm thinking tall, really tall.

I used a piece of 4x4 post on the outside to hold up the first side till I got another one attached. Since I only had one 4x4 I had to use painter's tape to hold the second side up and then all kinds of gyrations to get it to stay together. Maybe I can build them lying down and then stand them up. Now that I've finished the skyscraper, I discovered a video of Graham Sheehan by Ceramic Arts Daily where he used this type of construction technique.

St. Pete's clay has new owners. There's a wood firing at St. Pete's this weekend, but I don't have any cone 10 bisqueware ready. I plan to get more of that cone 10 sculpture clay; I'd love to wood fire several of my skyscrapers.

There's a newly formed Potter's Guild of Florida's Gulf Coast which I have joined. The first meeting will be coming up soon, can't wait to meet more local Florida potters.

Here's another triangular shaped skyscraper made with a speckled stoneware clay. I made the back section bow out because I was thinking of a rounded corner building I once saw in San Francisco. You know the buildings that just fit on those narrow city lots. I have a feeling cardboard forms will be filling up my studio very soon. Oh, I just found some more cardboard and made this seven by ten inch diamond shape.

Here's another photo of the first skyscraper for perspective of the size. Yes, now my secret is out. I have poster paper taped to the mirror in the bathroom because there's a South facing window and a florescent light panel above, so there's good light. I just keep that poster paper taped to the mirror all the time so I can take photos of greenware. When I have my studio tour or guests for dinner I might take it down. Ha!

When the tile guy was here he finally said something when I was taking a photo. He said he always wondered what that paper was doing in the bathroom. Hey, when you have a home studio, you have to do what you have to do. I read on one potter's blog she had her potter's wheel in the bathroom and sat on the toilet to throw. It was the only place in her house she had any room. Potter on the pot, throwing pots. (Sorry I couldn't resist). Now that's dedication, throwing pots in the bathroom.


  1. a wheel in the bathroom! I think I would just put it i the shower.
    I like the rectangle vase.
    Reaching up there Linda!

  2. Tried that once but the pots were just crap.

  3. Dennis is just too funny and clever.
    Glad you have found a potter's group to hang with. That should be fun.
    Nice to have set your tile guy straight. Sure he was head scratching over that.

  4. Hi Meredith, thanks, yeah I'm reaching for the sky.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, I set you up just perfect for that one, he he.

    Hi Patti, thanks, yeah I hope to have some fun with them. The tile guy was probably afraid to ask what the paper was. If it would have been me I would have. Curiosity and all.


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