Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Disaster ?

We felt so happy with ourselves because we got everything ready for a community-wide yard sale, early. Some of the items we didn't sell in California we just put in the treasure bus (moving bus), because we ran out of time when we sold our home there. We thought we'd try to sell those items here. As I said in my last post, we are trying to pare down our possessions. I'd donate the items, but I could use the money. In these times, every little bit helps.

When we finished setting everything out on tables yesterday, we covered it all with a tarp. Last night disaster struck. It rained and the tarp blew off even though it was weighted down. We had boxes of books and dried flowers out there on the tables. I thought all the boxes of books were ruined. What made me feel even worse was that someone could have enjoyed the books and now they wouldn't be any good at all. We have vowed nothing which comes out of the treasure bus will go back in (the treasure bus is in the background). With the idea of what the rain had done, though, I was just overwhelmed this morning.

Oh and last night one of our toilets, which we put in less than six months ago, wouldn't quit running. Gary said it needed a part. A Kohler toilet six months old needs a part? What is it with new things nowadays? Planned obsolescence is rampant. We're forced to buy new things because they don't last.

I was feeling so poorly at all the rain soaked items, I couldn't even look. Then I started thinking about the toilet not working, all the car repairs lately, insurance rates, taxes, the economy, and on and on. Sometimes I have a hard time not thinking about all that's wrong in the world, instead of focusing on what's good. Gary had to deal with the rain soaked items instead of me.

If only I had one of my old 1960s cars back, like my 64 Buick or my 66 Dodge Polara, they never broke. If they did the part was $20 and I could fix it myself. Even my 1972 Buick Electra, I wouldn't mind having back. I drove these cars in the 80s and 90s and each one cost me less than $1000 to purchase and collector car insurance was less than $100 a year. Those were the days. We probably should have kept the old toilets in this house. They were from the 1980s and still worked, but were very, very low to the ground. Since we both have bad backs we thought a higher toilets would be better. So much for thinking.

Turns out the books aren't as bad as I thought. Only some of the books and some dried flowers got wet. Then our house tax bill came and it isn't as bad as I expected. I also got a check in the mail for three of my pieces which sold in the Clay and Blogs show. And I got the framework screwed together for one shelf set (laid out on the ground). Now to attach the hinges and get them lined up correctly. Gary not being a carpenter, nor I, building these shelves is a challenge. I'll post more about building them and a materials list in a future post.

While I was wallowing in my misery, a thought struck me. What if I made up a few gift baskets with some books, and floral arrangements with some of my dried flowers (those not rain soaked) and brought them to local nursing homes and shelters. I started feeling better focusing on something positive; changing my inaction to action. So I'm taking some time out to make floral arrangements and gift baskets. What about you, how do you deal with life's problems or set backs?


  1. I like to hide deep under the covers!
    Life is full of those ups and downs- good for you for coming out on the other side!

  2. What a great idea!!! I miss my old suburban..gas guzzler, but ooh what a ride.

  3. i was just saying to jeff the other day that every time we buy something new we need to fix it or order a part for it before we can use it...aarrghhh!
    sometimes when things are going downhill i want to just get in my jammies and go to bed, but i typically don't. like you, i will try to find the positive in it.

    good luck with the yard sale this weekend!

  4. Good for you for taking lemons...
    I can think myself into a funk sometimes too. It feels so good to be able to pull yourself out of it.

    Funny about the cars. My hub is selling our 93 pickup so he can get an older one that has no computer and he can fix himself! And everytime I look at our (eww) hunter gold toilet from the 80's, I will indeed be grateful that it still works.

    I try to donate whenever I can. I have a pile of the kids' coats in the basement that I keep thinking I'll consign cause we could use a little cash. I'm going to deliver them today for the coat drive. Thanks for the inspration!

  5. Linda -- how disappointing it must have felt to look at that mess the rain made -- but cheers to you for finding a good way of getting through it!

    I too am always disappointed at how things are made today -- we've replaced 2 new dishwashers and 2 new microwaves in this house & we've just been here 6 years!

    Love the old 'rides!' Those were the days -- & it didn't matter - then -- about gas. It was only 25 cents a gallon & we thought there was plenty! HA!

  6. You have done what I always try to do. The old lemonade out of lemons routine.
    Love your idea about the baskets for nursing homes. That is a great save and will give you much more enjoyment than the dollars they may have brought.
    Way to go.

  7. Hi Meredith, thanks, I like to go to the beach or an arboreteum. After this weekend, I'm going. Ha.

    Hi Doug, thanks, you are right old is good for sure.

    Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, I have a suburban right now, does drink a little gas, but can't afford anything else, has new tires, brakes, battery, and air conditioning so I gotta keep it and it hauled my whole ceramics studio across the country including my kiln (2500 pounds worth of stuff) safely and I can sleep in it in a pinch. Ha.

    Hi Michele, thanks, isn't that the truth, Gary read that TVs are only scheduled to last 4 years now, so it's best to buy the cheapest you can.

    Hi Kari, thanks, we are seriously thinking of getting something old again. Gary wants an old 6 cylinder pickup he can work on.

    Hi Judy, thanks, at our last house our refrigerator broke after one year and it was a Samsung. then it broke again, we had to junk it and buy a new one just to sell our house, we have the new one here, a Whirlpool, so far so good.

    My Dodge Polara got pretty good mileage, but the buicks not so good,, but boy would they go, even with the cost of fuel, they saved me money. I might want a car that gets better mileage, but can't afford to buy one so I have to keep my gas guzzler and drive less. With my suburban I can make one trip instead of many though cause it's so big so that helps.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I was feeling so much better just thinking of bringing stuff to the nursing homes, sometimes I have a tendency to just wallow in my misery, I'm thinking I need to change my ways more often.

  8. That's too bad about the rain, ruining the stuff, but it sounds like it worked out even better. And your shelves look great, so far. My parents had an Electra like yours, and that car was huge! When I get bummed out, I go dancing!:)

  9. Yikes- what a bummer about the rain, insurance and toilet! Things do come in threes... Good on you for getting off the pitty-pot (that's what I call it when I'm down) and changing not only your perception but your actions! Not always easy to do... Sad to admit but when I wake up on the pitty-pot I usually will cruise the Blogs and in just minutes there is usually someone who is having a worse day than I am and I get my but to work! Hang in there, you're too creative and resourceful to be down in the dumps long :o)

  10. You (we) have just got to get to the 18th of November and Jupiter goes forward again...apparently!
    Great post though Linda and I love the photographs.

  11. Hi Marguerite, thanks, I loved my electra, I like big cars anyway, something with some get up and go he he. I should have known you go dancing ha.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, off the pitty pot that doesn't work he he.

    Hi Kitty, thanks, that's just around the corner now, thank goodness. really though it wasn't that bad, could have been worse, hadn't rained for weeks then the community has a yard sale and it starts raining, figures.


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