Friday, December 3, 2010

Making Goblets

Today was productive one in the studio. I made two handbuilt vases, one slab tray, a wall sculpture, pendants, and ornaments. After dinner I decided to make a set of goblets. Perhaps you recall the two I made while I was traveling in my RV? They're pictured in the first photo on the right column. They turned out so nice I thought I'd make another set, this time four instead of two.

I start out rolling a slab and cutting out circles in various sizes for the stems. I cut the middle out of the circles and then stack them up in descending order. Then I go back and score and slip each circle to the other. I set the stems aside to stiffen up.

Next I take a small block of clay and pinch it into the drinking portion of the goblet. After I pinched the first one I thought I needed the stem to be taller so I rolled out another slab and cut two more circles, one small one and a large one. I added these and the shape looked more in proportion.

When I attached the drinking portion to the stem I thought the weight needed some reinforcement so I made a coil and attached that under the bottom of the form.

By this time I was running out of steam. But I looked at the other three stems and knew I had to finish them.

Pinch, pinch, pinching away I went making the drinking portions of the goblets. Finally I was finished.

Each one got a little bigger as I went along. Hopefully these turn out as nice as the ones I made in the RV.


  1. You must have an amazing grip with all the pinching you do.
    Lookin good.

  2. It looks like you'll be all set for New Years.

  3. Nice, I don't think that I have the patience needed for pinching out goblets!

  4. Hi Dennis, thanks, hope these turn out like the first ones.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I never thought of that, perhaps this is keeping my hands in good shape.

    Hi Lori, thanks, hopefully I can make a few more and sell some too. But I may modify the stem, this one takes way too long to make.

    Hi Craig, thanks, last night I was thinking the same thing, I was so tired of making them after the first one, but I already had the stems made so had to press on. I am going to think of less time consuming stem to make. Pinching is good though if you are working somewhere and only had a small space, that's what I did in the RV.

  5. I like the look of these, lined up as a set. They have a cool style.

  6. Hi Patricia, thanks, they're kind of art deco-ish arent' they?

    The middle is kind of thin for the weight of the bottom and top, I hope they do ok in the firing. I don't dare move them till they are completely dry, even then, kind of scary.

    I'm now thinking if I made the stem as part of the bowl and inserted it into one of the round circles that would be a stronger attachment. I like the look of the stacked circles though, but I could draw the line and get the same effect.


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