Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Apple A Day

Have you ever seen such a long stem on an apple? The only way I'll eat an apple a day is if it's a crisp and crunchy apple. Not easy to find nowadays. I miss my fuji tree.

This is the triangular jar I made several months ago, and I've taken some photos from a couple of different angles.

I never did take any photos till now. How did that happen?

I was going to put this jar in my Etsy shop, but I think I'll hold onto it for a while. Add it to the side of the blog, then into the gallery page.

I'll be adding to my gallery page occasionally, so if you get a chance check it out every once in a while. We did find a camper, more about that later. Thanks for all your well wishes in that category. I really appreciate the time you take to make comments.
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  1. What an unusual and attractive jar. You have such an imagination. Your mind must race with creativity.

  2. Hi Patti, thanks, yeah too many ideas, I just have to put them all into practice, sometimes hard for me to harness myself. Ha.

  3. Great jar, how did you make the knob on the lid? It looks really interesting.

  4. Hi Lori, thanks, I pinched a piece of clay around some high fire wire.


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