Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr. Hyde Studio Part Two

I was going to organize my studio work area before I posted this today, but on my last post, Studio Tour Part One, another pottery blogger friend, Paula, made a comment about seeing a work area AFTER someone's been working. Then several other's commented about how organized I am. I started feeling a bit guilty about those compliments. So I decided to show you the other side of Dr. Jekyll, this is Mr. Hyde studio part two. I'm a gemini I can't help myself. This is where I make my work.

I didn't clean or straighten up or organize any of my work areas at all, I just snapped photos. The studio shot was taken after I worked on some clay pieces, the photo on board, and several acrylic paintings. As you can see I like having everything I need right at an arms reach. I sit in my chair and work away.

Up until I started sorting the photos and before I added the easel the studio had a lot of open space, but now the center is filled with the boxes of photos and then the easel takes up a little space. There's also a daybed on one side of the room that serves as a lounging or seating area for visitors (even my cats), (oh, maybe that's my employee lounge, just like Dennis has) but today I have some plastic bins sitting there waiting for me to get more organized.

My studio adjoins the kitchen and there's a pocket door to close it off. I'm happy I have two big windows in my studio which lets in a lot of light during the day. Yesterday was very rainy so the lighting is subdued. On the other side of the studio are shelves to hold finished pottery.

Here's a view looking in from the kitchen. It wouldn't look so cluttered if those boxes weren't there. I am planning on sorting the photos into some sort of order, but until then, they'll stay where they are. When I sit at my studio table I don't even know they are there. I can gaze out the window and my mind goes to another world, relaxed and ready to create.

Here's the closet in the studio full of supplies in great disarray. I'm going to organize this spot next. In all fairness to myself, remember my studio used to be in the other room and then I moved into this larger room? Well everything got into a jumble after that move and I still haven't re-organized it all. Soon, very soon.

I've got greenware and bisque ware in several closets in other areas of the house, here are a couple of them.

Our washer and dryer is in the garage. Remember when we first moved here I got a whole set of kitchen cabinets for a song? Most of them went in the utility room which was a small empty room when we moved here. The remainder went in the garage for storage.

I use this for more storage and I have my photo cube set up permanently in there. I have the lights clipped to the bottom of the upper cabinets so the doors have to stay open to hold them. I am sure there is a better way to set these up but I haven't given that much thought. This room could use some organization too. I just know one of those professional organizers would have a heyday around here.

I'll leave you with a shot of my desk in the guest bedroom, where I am sitting right now showing you the parts of my studio which are works in progress. Now you know about the rest of the studio and my disorganized side. I'm glad I posted this because I'm really motivated to get these areas organized very soon. Thanks for all of your comments; they spur me along each day.


  1. now we get to see the down and dirty of a working potter!
    Nice space Linda- I love your window! I think more then anything a window is the biggest must have in any studio!

  2. still looks pretty neat and clean to me! can't wait to see it in person :-)

  3. Looks pretty organized to me. Having what you need where you want it is what I call organized.
    The window would have to go however. I would just stare out of it and get nothing done. I get distracted by the one that is over the kitchen sink and it only looks out to the car port.

  4. You have to be pretty organized to be able to do such a good job in so many different mediums in one day and have time to take the pictures and write the article.
    Thanks for the tour, it's so fun seeing where everyone is working.

  5. Hi, Linda! I got here from the comment you left on my blog, so that works nicely. I haven't a clue why photos don't show. Guess I need to click something, but what? *sighs* I'll ask around.

    Love the window in your studio. Your view definitely inspires!

  6. Great studio Linda! I love the long low window in front of your work table. I love working in natural light. Always seems more peaceful.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Your messy is my clean. You inspired me to post pics of my disorganized studio.

  8. Hi Meredith, thanks, I love that window, that's the window where I saw all the robins this Spring. It is relaxing and mind clearing to look out the window.

    Hi Michele, thanks, can't wait for you and Jeff to come and visit, looking forward to seeing you both again.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I am guilty of staring out the window for too long some times.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I work in spurts, sometimes nothing, sometimes too much I think, spreading myself too thin.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, I wish I knew more about computers oh well just enough to get by I guess.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, yes natural light is very peaceful, you voiced the feeling I have working in that envirnoment.

    Hi Paula, thanks, can't wait to see your studio.

  9. You are so lucky to have so much storage space. Those kitchen cabinets sure came in handy and that big window is nice, too. I still don't see any mess. :)

  10. Hi Marguerite, thanks, well if I did a close up you'd see clay, acrylic paint, and one item in one box with an unlike item, I guess it makes me feel unorganized and messy and I'd like my work table to be more calm looking, maybe I think I need that to work better I'll see how it goes. I am truly lucky to have this much space, this is the best house we have ever had for closet space, unfortunately I tend to fill all empty spaces with the thrift store 'what I call necessary slump molds' I had collected when I lived in California, but not sure I need them all, that's the organization I am hoping to work on. Heaven help me if I move again, too taxing to even think about.

  11. great to see pics of your studio. thanks for the tour! I must admit that your new font is interesting--- it hurts my eyes if I read too long. Hmmmm maybe I need to get my eyes checked! take care-

  12. Hey Linda, I think you are like my wife - anything out of place makes it a mess. Now me... I try and keep it neat because I hate not being able to find anything, but within 2 hours of my cleaning it looks the same. I think it has something to do with not having any room to put anything... it just shifts from place to place. The latest picture of my desk at home is actually the most organized it's been in months!
    I feel your need for space though, I also paint, stonecarve, work in soft pastels, charcoal and gouache.

  13. Hi Amy, thanks, perhaps I should change the font, one person said they liked it, but I want it to be easy to read. Maybe I better read it posted instead of in the draft form which shows up on my screen in a different font.

    Hi Mr. Young, thanks, I think I'm going to get a bin or something for the stuff I keep on the work table just so it doesn't look so messy to my eyes. I had no idea you were so talented in so many other areas, you should post some of your work I would love to see it.


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