Thursday, April 7, 2011

Japan Earthquake Relief

I'm donating 100% of the proceeds, (minus shipping and fees), for these Japanese inspired pieces I made. Proceeds will go to the Red Cross to help with the relief efforts for earthquake relief efforts in Japan.

Clicking on the name below the piece takes you directly to that item in my Etsy pottery shop.

I've been reading in the blogging world of so many people helping with donations to Japan. My hope is that if we all give even a little, it will add up in a big way to helping with Japan's recovery from the earthquake and tsunami disaster. Your comments are appreciated.


  1. Beautiful work. Beautiful thought.

  2. Very good idea. I've got some Saki bottles, a sushi plate and will have some woodfired rice bowls soon. It may not be much but if everyone gives a little it will be a lot.

  3. The pattern on that Pinched Tea or Rice Bowl is really pretty...

  4. What a great thing you are doing!! Your pottery is beautiful!! Thanks for joing Thursday's Friends Cafe.

  5. That is so nice of you Linda!! I hope you get a lot of sales!!

  6. What a great idea, and with such wonderful pieces!

  7. You are such a good person. What a wonderful idea.

  8. how thoughtful! what a great way to support... I'm not surprised that you're doing this- you're so thoughtful.

  9. Wonderful work and thoughts Linda.

  10. Beautiful sushi plates! Very kind and generous of you to donate the proceeds of some of your creations. I agree that we should all do what we can to help out Japan's recovery.

  11. Hi Ronna, thanks, it's easy for me to forget just how devastating it is over in Japan.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I think you are right, even a little bit helps.

    Hi Rachele, thanks, those are slip patterns with a paint brush that is deer hair and very thin, I love making them.

    Hi Melissa, thanks, glad to have met you and hope you come back again.

    Hi Connie, thanks, you know how they say it's the thought that counts.

    Hi Mary, thanks so much, hope it helps a little.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I can't even imagine what it would be like in Japan right now, no food, electricity and all the devastation.

    Hi Amy, thanks, if this doesn't stimulate sales, I will think of something else, I am sure I can help in some way.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks, I am hoping this will help, if not, I have other ideas.


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