Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clutzville Chronicles

I loaded the kiln yesterday and I broke three pieces. First there was the apple pear which I dropped and it fell on one of my slipped leaves.

Next I broke a flower off of my vined pedestal. I didn't take a photo of that and it was too tall to fit in this load anyway.

Then I broke a section off of a medium sized flower. Welcome to the clutzville chronicles. That's kind of a catchy name, maybe I can be paid to write a whole series on that theme. Ha.

I did finish loading the kiln.

It's almost finished firing now. I fell asleep and didn't close the lid till 1200 degrees F instead of 1000. Hope there aren't any more mishaps inside. I better start setting the alarm if I lie down for a 'short' cat nap.

I have three fans going in the garage. It's very hot in there, even though the garage door is open and the back door too. Do you know where your kiln operator is? If they're sleeping, please wake them up. Thanks for reading and for your comments.


  1. Looks a nice batch in there...

  2. Ouch, that has to be frustrating.
    To answer your question, I use Halo Indoor Cat food. It is really expensive but Minnie is sweet smelling and healthy so for me it is worth it. I went through a lot of food before I found that.

  3. I was loading yesterday and keep bumping the edges of glazed pots.
    Summer time fatigue???
    This heat-

  4. Hi Meredith, thanks, sometimes I'm not as coordinated as I used to be. I should have loaded in the morning when I'm fresher.

  5. Hi Patti, thanks, I have never heard of that cat food, I'll have to see if I can find it. It was very frustrating since the apple was one of a kind and so was the vine pedestal, but I think I will fire the vine pedestal and the flower separately and then see if I can epozy it on, not sure about that though.

  6. last week i broke a couple of mugs, one while loading the kiln the other while glazing... it must be that time of year!
    i have had some luck glazing parts back onto things. i super glue the bisqued parts fill in the crack with glaze (pushing it in with my finger after brushing it on) then glaze the whole piece. it can limit your glaze choices... i use temnoku because it's flowy and fills in well.

  7. Hi Michele, thanks I tried that with that big geometric vase and the piece fell off against another vase, but I put glaze under it and maybe I shouldn't have. I may try your system with the super glue and put the piece where anything falling off will fall by itself and not onto anything else, but it will be a while since I didn't bisque it this time. The other thing I could do is superglue and glaze it to the piece during the bisque and then reglaze during the glaze if that makes any sense.

    I've had luck with glazing pieces to objects that lie flat, but not upright ones with the piece on the side, because it tends to slide down when the glaze gets liquid.

  8. That's too bad about the pieces breaking, but cie la vie. Looks like a good load in the kiln, though. Have a great weekend and stay cool!

  9. Hi Marguerite, thanks, yeah, I hate it when that happens, it used to be more traumatic for me, but now at least I have many other piece to make up for the ones that broke, but sometimes the are like living things to me after making them and drying them and I truly hate to loose each one.


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