Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Step Closer

As I looked at the photos of what I made day before yesterday, I wasn't completely happy with them. They were OK, but not what I wanted. I've been wanting to combine my love of nature and contrast that with the modern world. But I could never figure out how to do that. You see I sometimes feel a sadness when I see trees cut down, lots cleared, animals displaced, a sadness at what many call progress.

Where I used to live I couldn't see any city lights and the stars shined brightly for me in the night sky. Here I can see the hazy glow of city lights filtering through the trees with a toad chirping under my window sill. I have to strain to see the stars sometimes even on clear nights. The city lights interfere with the stars shining in the darkness which I used to enjoy. Right down the street they're clearing a huge parcel of land for a wally world super center.

I'm caught in a struggle just like the plants and animals around me. Having services closer to me makes it easier for me to survive. My travel costs are reduced and that means I can better afford to buy the things I need in my daily life like food and utilities. They're also widening the road a few blocks away and I'm sure more business will follow wally world. I'm one step closer to living in a bigger city. And yet I don't like it; sometimes I feel trapped in this situation.

I started out yesterday playing around with what I made yesterday, setting some finished leaves and flowers on the pieces I made to see how they looked. The dimension they added felt better to me. Then I made the piece with the black bamboo. I'm not sure about the bamboo being black, perhaps it should have been green, next time. But I feel like I'm one step closer to where I want to go with my work. Last night I added the city to this piece. Looking now I could have made the buildings taller and had them go around the edges, next time. I'm working with these colors because I happen to have them handy. I also intend to use other colors and try some with the white storeware.

Yesterday I read an article which said rural America is shrinking at an ever increasing rate. It's gone from 20 percent to 16 percent living rural. Sixteen percent, that's a very small percentage. I secretly cheered and felt sad at the same time. I felt sad for the folks who may have to move to the cities and not want to. Sad that small towns are drying up.

But I cheered for the plants and animals left behind by all the people moving to the cities and thought the plants and animals may have some hope of surviving. This morning I saw this armadillo eating grubs in our lawn. I hope there's a chance for me to move way out in the country again someday. Today I've got to get my library pottery exhibit together. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.
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  1. Love the lines in that first image. Really nice!

  2. I absolutely Love this color combination. Something about it really resonates with me. You mentioned they're wall sculpture. Have you considered creating wall sconces for lighting with these in mind? I think they'd be outstanding!

    I have the blessing of a clear night sky. Can't imagine being without it. I hope you can return. having wally world so close would be very disheartening.

    Very good post. and an armadillo in your yard. Very cool.

  3. I love the piece with the black bamboo. It's very eye catching. My favourite one from that group.

  4. i know what you mean about the struggle between being in a rural area vs conveniences that you don't have to drive for miles to get to.
    i love living in rural Seagrove, NC but I don't like the fact that the closest grocery store with the best prices is Wally World. The small town we were in in NH had a medium size grocery store with decent prices... it also had just about everything you could want... and was next door to my studio.

    i really like the direction your work is heading... and that armadillo, how cool is THAT?!

  5. Linda! these are going somewhere! I love the city scape....

  6. Oh an armadillo instead of a rabbit in the yard! Too cool!

    And I really love your work.

  7. These are fab and so awesome! I am a small city lover and love the convenience of being near everything. I don't care for armadillos and creepy crawlers in my yard, lol but, I wouldn't want to live in a big city, either.

  8. Hi Patricia, thanks so much.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, great minds think alike, I did think of sconces right after I made the first piece in the workshop and I'm working on those details. Isn't that armadillo cute. I wish I could have gotten closer to get more detail of his armor.

    Hi Cazz, thanks ever so much.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yeah it's a catch 22 about where to live for sure. Thanks about the work.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I hope these are going somewhere, straight to the bank, Ha.

    Hi Pretty Things, thanks, yeah that little guy is cool. Thanks about my work.

    Hi Marguerite, thanks about my work, yeah and the small town atmosphere is the thing too, folks caring for one another too. I do like being closer to the services though - and then there's the jobs.

  9. I love the armadillo, it looks like something out of science fiction! Some really interesting thoughts there about the good and bad things of living handy to shops or out in the country... or living in a place where the town comes to gobble it up. One thing that is for certain, some of the best art comes out of pain and worry! Sometimes such things give us the necessary push. Well done for expressing things that matter with your work with clay.


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