Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunburst Plate for Hump Mold

When we moved into this house I found this vintage glass sunburst plate left in the kitchen cabinet. I immediately thought of making a ceramic plate using this plate as a mold. Since we were unpacking and doing some remodling I put it on the top shelf in the kitchen and forgot about it.

This weekend we went to a party at our neighbors. I made papaya salsa to bring and thought of putting it on this appetizer plate I made years ago, but the middle section wasn't large or deep enough for the salsa.

So I put the salsa in a glass bowl on this sunburst plate and added the blue corn chips. I love the points sticking out beyond the chips, they seem to echo the shape of the chips. That's when I thought about making that mold again. I am wondering if I can slump some clay over this glass dish and add a foot ring. But will it sag during firing? From point to point the dish is 15 inches, quite large.

I love this sunburst shaped dish; I hope using this sunburst plate for hump mold turns out, wish me luck. Yesterday we got over four inches of rain in one storm and more is coming our way. I went to the library and got seven books to read. Rainy days make me think of reading. Gary thought I over did it, but I've already finished one. I'm a fast reader; I also type fast. My mother encouraged me to take typing in high school, now it's paying off for the blog. Ha. I'll let you know if any are worth reporting about. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    The sunburst plate, so vintage in appearance, is wonderful and, we thought, looked so interesting and attractive when arranged with the food. As you say, the crackers transform it into an in part edible art work.

    Now, whether or not you can 'slump' [as you say] some clay over it is quite outside our sphere of experience. It would be fun to try but a pity if the glass suffered in any way in the process.

    Reading quickly is not a problem; alas, our typing skills are woeful!

    Thank you so much for becoming a Follower of our blog and for leaving a comment to which we have replied.

  2. Good question. I would assume it would work because you can use plastic as a hump mold and it doesn't breathe nor does it absorb water like plaster. However, I'd test on something you're willing to lose, not this beautiful, vintage dish.

  3. That appetizer on the glass plate looks spectacular! Love the colors of the food! Could you please share your recipe for the salsa?

    I would love to buy a ceramic platter from you. Do you have one that is about 12 inches wide? Not an appetizer dish, but a flat plate. My email addy is:

    glendahinchey at yahoo dot com.

  4. i have a potter friend in NH who use vintage glassware for slumping plates & bowls all the time. There shouldn't be any damage to the plate. She uses a lot of cut glass and has some really cool results. Warping and sagging is a whole other story... it's always tricky with large items. the wider the foot ring the less it's apt to happen.

  5. Hello thank you very much for your comment and suggestion about maybe thinking of uses for my fir-tree when he is cut down. I must seriously give it some thought.

    The glass sunburst dish looks really smart with the papaya salsa, no doubt your neighbour's party went 'with a bang'! I love old dishes the best I think. My word, a book in a day is really fast reading! But you sound like a person after my heart, a visit to the library and seven books chosen.I always love going to the library whatever the season, but I'm with you when you said 'Rainy days make me think of reading'.
    Me too!

  6. Love the plate -especially that center! I was using some vintage glass trays I found at the thrift store for slumping. I had better success when I would remove them at the leather hard stage and transfer them to a like-hump mold of plaster otherwise I had a lot of uneven drying and cracking -the clay would stay really cold on the glass. The plate would also make great patterns on some tiles. Hope you guys are drying out!!

  7. That plate is gorgeous and the papaya salsa sounds and look s really yummy. I love going to the library and stacking up on books too. Really good idea on a rainy day. And luck :) on the mold!!!

  8. The blue corn chips really set off the dish. Now I am hungry.

  9. That's one cool old plate. The hob-knob bottom says it's old. What a great serving dish. and I love blue corn chips.

    I used to be a very fast reader, but now I'm a bit more plodding. The comprehension isn't quite what it used to be, but it's still fun when the book is the right one.

  10. Linda, did you get my email? I ordered the 11 inch platter from you.

  11. Hi Linda have you ever used plaster to make your own molds? The plaster won't stick to the glass and the clay would dry better in a plaster mold.

  12. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, yes I was amazed how a simple platter as that can enhance the look of the food.

    Hi Lori, thanks, I'll use WD-40 and slump over the bottom and not disturb the glass, stay tuned.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I'll send you an email with the recipe and a list of platters available.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I'll give it a try; hope this one survices without warping or drooping during firing.

    Hi Jane, thanks, I hope you find someone to cut the tree for wood, we did that with a huge ceder tree in Arkansas, an oak in mid Northern California, and two western Ceder in Northern Califoria. One cedar tree was so huge they were able to get a 16 foot long bar four inches thick from it and the rest went for some special shingles on a ceder home; the oak went for some kitchen cabinets and other furniture.

    We have a special section in our library and they have recommendations on reading and they all look to be good; I'll post about them soon.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, I've slumped before and if I transfer too early that's when I get the warping and cracking so we shall see; I now have one in the cabinet drying.

    Hi Heather, thanks, we shall see about the plate, the books are being read as we speak. Ha.

    Hi Patti, thanks, I get hungry just looking at the chips and salsa too.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, the hob knob, I was unfamiliar with that, the hob knobs are raised on the top and the lines are raised on the back, quite unique. Some of the books I have to read slower, like the one about Mary Delany, but some are much quicker.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I was gone all day, I just sent you an email.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I have only used plaster once, long ago, I just bought some cheaper plaster at wally world but was reluctant to use it with this glass platter thinking it might stick. I have heard of folks using vaseline or soft soap as a release. I might try it with a different piece of glass to see how it works and then possibly attempt it with this one. the mold would have to be huge since the platter is 15 inches. Also there is an undercut on glass foot, not sure how that would work with the plaster.


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