Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wall Sculptures Ready !

I'm excited about my new wall sculptures = hanging ceramic art = won't fade or yellow with age. This weekend as I was attaching the hanging mechanisms, I was wondering why I'm so enthralled with making these. I realized each one contains a feeling I had when I made it. They look great on the wall! I just can't stop; I'm having so much fun. My goal is to make various styles which will complement any decor. You can see the ones I've finished so far in Buy Studio Pottery. These next pieces are drying in the cabinet and will have more layering of slips added.

I found a clay supply store closer to my home in Ocala which I've been going to called C and R Ceramics so I don't have to drive to Ocoee or St. Petersburg to get clay. I like my clay to be fresh and soft when I use it so I only pick up small amounts at a time. I got more of this WC-901 Macabee clay . This white stoneware clay is smooth and is perfect for my wall sculptures. I'm still testing darker bodied clays. Has anyone used the designer velvet underglazes by Amaco? I picked up a couple of those to try out.

Each one of my wall sculptures are waiting to be enjoyed in a new location. No frames are needed. They come ready to hang with the wood and wire hanging mechanism I attach on the reverse side. Each sits out about 1.5 inches parallel to the wall without a tilt. The have a sealer so they can be wiped off with a damp sponge. I put small felt pads on the back to prevent scratching the wall when they're hung. They're fairly light weight, (note to self to weigh one) probably less than two pounds, and can hang from a strong nail or molly bolt in the wall.

This week I'll take work to several galleries and there's a couple of shows coming up, meanwhile the completed wall sculptures are available in my shop. As I finish more wall sculptures I'll also put those in my studio pottery shop, so check back often. Prices listed include priority shipping and insurance. I package them very well for safe arrival. I accept checks or purchases can be made via paypal through my etsy shop.

Due to ongoing health issues I've had to rethink attendance at full day shows so I'm concentrating on local venues and half day shows. I ordered this revolving wooden pegboard to hang my wall sculptures for shows. If the revolving pegboard works out I'll pattern another one after it, since I already have the materials to build one. Thanks for your support and comments.


  1. I am a fellow clay worker and am interested in seeing different hanging methods for clay wall pieces. It is one of my challenges and I have done lots of experimentation and am still trying to figure out the best method. I have never tried it with wood...always using clay attatched to the back but this can often fail or be wobbly as pieces dry and warping can occur. Would you be open to take a picture of the back of one of your wooden hangers and post it or share your experiences with hanging? Thanks, Erin

  2. The revolving rack has possibilities. Does it fold flat?

  3. Hi Dennis, thanks, supposedly it does, the top and bottom are supposed to come off. I asked before I purchased it, it should be here today or tomorrow.

  4. Hi Erin, thanks, if you click on the link in the first paragraph you can see a photo. Also you can do a search with the searc button on the right side bar on my blog to see other posts on attachment systems I have use. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hello

    The two colorful faces in the first photo are amazing, Linda. I love their color combinations. The three tree piece is lovely too.

    I read your Salvador Dali Museum
    post. I so enjoyed that post. The building design is fabulous!!
    Thank you, Linda.

  6. Hi Sapphire, thanks so much. I want to do more colorful pieces, they are fun to do and I hope the bamboo pieces turns out; it's quite large. That Dali museum was wonderful I love architecture, both old and modern, something about the intersecting lines. thanks again.

  7. wow... the colors on the first two face tiles are amazing. they really remind me of the tropics.

  8. I like this series of wall sculptures Linda, especially the animals and portraits. So colorful and charming.

  9. I am sorry about the health issues & the limitations they bring about. Your work is lovely. ~Mary

  10. Hi Michele, thanks, thats just what I was hoping with those two.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I hope folks get a good feeling from them, it is really fun making them, I assume you must feel the same way about your work.

    Hi Mary, thanks, at least I'm still vertical as my Gary says, Ha.


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