Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Work Out of the Kiln

Man With Pipe

Woman Contemplating

Horse of a Different Color


Self Portrait

Woman Dreaming

Sycamore Leaves Falling


Alligator Foot on Tile Floor

There was no warping or cracking in this load of once fired wall sculptures and tiles. Some of the stain colors turned out differently than I expected. Some I'll touch up various surface treatments. I'm more proficient applying stains than I am after surface treatments so for now I'd prefer to minimize the after firing enhancements. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. the dark background works well with the smoking man :^)
    The sound of foxes 'barking' is often used as a creepy background noise on English detective shows such as Midsommer Murders - don't know if you get it in the USA.

  2. The portrait tiles are really fun. I can see you doing a whole wall of them like a mosaic!

  3. WOW! Your portraits let your subjects' personality shine through...even the painted horse.

    What kind of a firing schedule do you use when you once fire? I don some but only with commercial glazes.

  4. the colors are so vibrant now that they are fired... and that alligator foot looks very real.

  5. Hi Anna, thanks, I like the dark background, makes the painting look like they are from older times. I don't get that program here, we have very limited inexpensive access. But I bet I can find a video on the internet I'll look.

    Hi Tracey, thanks, you know the portraits look like they belong on a library wall or such, that would be really cool to have a whole wall of them, I'll keep going.

    Hi Smartcat, thanks, I'm really liking the portraits. The first firing I used a program which overfired, this time I used the automatic cone 5 fire and a one hour preheat just to drive out any excess moisture, plus it was 65 in the garage and I didn't want to shock the clay. With commercial glazes I would do a slow cool, send me a personal email and I'll give you my schedule.

    Hi Michele, thanks, it's a little shocking to see the colors after they are fired since the stains are so muted, but I like them still the same. I was thinking a teenager might like that alligator foot. Ha.

  6. These are all Fab!! beautiful the woman contemplating..they are all beautiful gems..wonderful!!

  7. Hi Kiki, thanks ever so much, I still have some touch up to do on a few of them, but I am glad they turned out and no warping and cracking.


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