Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wide Eyed and Wondering

Pretty soon I'll be up to hundreds, well maybe not hundreds, but quite a collection of portraits in clay. There doesn't seem to be an end to them in the foreseeable future. This woman seems to be wondering. I let the pieces sit a while and then go back and do revisions.

Here's wide eyed woman, maybe a little too wide eyed. I may have enough pieces to fire this week. I need to do that because I want to see how the shading with the stains will turn out. Will it fade or will it show up too dark. It's all up in the air at this point.

Here's another tiny frog, then again this might be a baby toad. He's sitting in the track of our garage screen door which is about 1.5 inches so you can tell how tiny he is. I had to herd him out of there so I could close the door earlier this summer. I didn't want him to be caught in the garage.

I'm liking the painterly brush strokes I've been making with the stained slips. I hope they look OK after firing. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Love your faces. :) Not the toads face though. :) The first one reminds me a little of Adele.

  2. I'm enjoying your portraits; they all have such personality. I feel like these are people I've seen or, perhaps, even known.

    Love your frogs and toads. We have quite a variety up here.

  3. Great portraits and nice detail! But frogs give me the creeps! :)

  4. These are really nice; except for the frog that is. Finally, others who don't love frogs. :)

  5. The frog spooked me.
    I'm over it.
    I tend to get more narrow-eyed under those circumstances. ~Mary

  6. Hi Natasha, thanks, I never imagined folks didn't like frogs.

    Hi Smartcats, thanks, I think the frogs and toads are great and of course they eat bugs.

    HI Marguerite, thanks, another one who doesn't like frogs, hum, never would have guessed.

    Hi Linda, thanks, the dislikes are outnumbering the likes. oh no.

    Hi Mary, thanks, well seems you have company in being spooked. He's so tiny though.

    You all know something horrible happened to me when I went in the garage today. Mind you I took this photo of this frog months ago. I found him squished on the garage floor when I was loading the kiln, seems he came back in somehow I was so sad for him. Well anyway, on to happier thoughts.


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