Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Salsa Verde Vegetable Medley

Several folks remarked about all the seafood recipes I've posted. Lest you think that's all we eat, here's my vegetarian standby, Salsa Verde Vegetable Medley. Take one shallot and a portion of fresh ginger and chop fine and saute in butter or olive oil or rice bran oil. When softened, add two chopped zucchini and two crookneck squash. Chop up two fresh tomatoes and add those into the mix. Oh I also added in one cubanele pepper. The cubanele pepper is similar in taste to a red bell pepper, but is elongated instead of round. I also find them easier to grow than the bell pepper.

Add in some spices like ground cumin, chopped bay leaves and more. This time I even added in some caraway seeds. Add half a bottle of green chile verde sauce then cover and turn down the heat to a simmer. Meanwhile in a separate pan cook one cup of brown rice.

When the vegetables are softened turn off the heat.

When the rice is cooked pour that mixture in with the vegetables. Fold the rice in gently and there you have a spicy meal all in one dish. I add the rice to thicken up the juices of the vegetables and the salsa verde.

Here's a photo of Binky and Butter taking an afternoon nap. Right after I took this photo of my two cats I happened to check in at Smart Cat's blog to see how her ceramic house was coming along. Be sure to stop in there, the house has so much color and detail I am amazed. Oh and I saw a cute photo of her two cats. Seems we both were admiring our respective cats at the same time.

What's the difference between copper carbonate and copper oxide used as a wash? I was putting some red iron oxide and copper carbonate on some greenware pendants and wondered what the copper oxide would do if I used it. Oh I know, you'll probably tell me to just try it. I didn't realize it's a leap year till today. I've got an extra day, yippee. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hi Ma Ferreira, thanks so much and good luck with keeping your ceramic program, hope lots of folks send letters.

  2. Oxides are stronger than carbonates.

  3. Hi Dennis, thanks, maybe I'll try the oxide in my next barrel firing and see what it does.

  4. That dish really complements the food. And the salsa does sound yummy.
    Oxides should give you great colors in the barrel, be sure to show us the results.

  5. Hi Linda...thanks so much for mentioning me..Great kitties think alike!

    Love that salsa verde recipe.....if some insist on animal protein I bet shrimp would be a tasty addition.

    I thinkwe used to say in general oxides are about twice as strong as carbonates. My only experience was with cobalt. Both were about the same price (expensive!) so we used half the amount of oxide where carbonate was called for. In side by side comparisons there was no appreciable difference.

  6. another yummy looking dish served on a very pretty dish! I agree with smartcat that shrimp would be excellent with that combination of flavors.

  7. Beautiful cuisine!

  8. Hi Lori, thanks, not sure when I'll do a barrel firing though, got to stockpile some work first. Ha.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, yes great kitties think alike. Godo to know about the oxides.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yeah shrimp but this is good for a lower cost meal and it satisfies because of the rice, make you feel full I guess.

    Hi Gigi, thanks so much.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, the kitties are so cute together.


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