Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Texture and Pattern Secret Tip

Take a plastic open weave bag, (in this case I've used a bag pecans came in), and lay it on a slab of clay. Roll the plastic bag lightly into the clay with a rolling pin. If you want texture just remove the bag. If you want a pattern, brush one color or two alternating colors of underglaze or colored slip onto the clay slab.

When the underglaze dries, remove the bag and you have a unique pattern. Many types of plastic bags can be used for patterns or just for texture. I washed off clear glaze in the test tile below to take the photo so the colors are lighter than they'll be when fired.

As I looked at the pattern I thought I could also draw with a third color over this pattern and have another look to the design. Never thought of that till now. Fancy that, I'm inspired and I learn from my own blog. Ha. Have any tips you'd like to share, please make a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading and commenting, it's good to hear your thoughts.


  1. smart Linda and i like the bammboo-well done!

  2. Hi Meredith, thanks, one day I was just going to make a pattern with the bag and then I thought to myself, hey what would it look like with two different colors, and there it was, so cool. Thanks about the bamboo plate, do you recognize the bamboo from your zoo?

  3. Hello Linda:
    We love the idea of creating different effects with other materials. We are certain that it would never have occurred to us to use a mesh bag in this way, then as they say, creativity is the mother of invention!!

  4. I see so many things, like the pecan bag and think "how can I incorporate that into my pots?" Then her you go doing it. Thank you.

  5. i used onion bags to texture/slip deco my long stoneware snakes... that still haven't been fired because they don't fit in my kiln :-(

  6. I've kept a bag that had oranges in it in case inspiration hits me to use that texture.

  7. You are always coming up with new ideas. How creative you are!

  8. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, it is never ending what one can do with clay, it keeps me coming back for more and more.

    Hi Lori, thanks, everywhere I go I see textures and patterns for clay so many ideas and so little time.

    Hi Michele, thanks, you need to find someone with a larger kiln, I am anxious to see your snakes.

    Hi Melissa, thanks, I have quite a few bags stacked up, an orange bag would be good because it's large enough to cover a bigger surface without interruption.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, it's never ending isn't it? Ha.


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