Sunday, June 17, 2012

St. Augustine Carousel

Yesterday we made a whirlwind trip to an ancient city in Florida. St. Augustine is supposed to be the oldest city in the United States discovered in 1565 and settled at that time. Later Ponce de Leon would go in search of the fountain of youth in the city. Just before we got into the town proper we discovered a little bit of what I call carousel magic and just had to stop. Sometimes I'm still a kid at heart.

The carousel was built in 1927 and brought to St. Augustine in 1992. Apparently the carousel was originally transported and set up in a private backyard. But neighbors complained about the lights from the "UFO" so it was later relocated to a more commercial location at Davenport Park.

I wanted to ride on one of the horses, but the vendor was on a break and Gary didn't want to wait around. I need to go back; you know how I love the horses. Click here, here, and here to read more stories about my love of horses. Over the years I have been to several historic carousels one in Santa Cruz and the Merry-go-round in Tilden Park, both in California. Apparently a carousel has only horses and merry-go-rounds have other animals besides horses.

I have a project I want to complete with carousel animals outlined in my journal and conceived before I left California several years ago. Then there's also my dream of traveling around the country and visiting all the historic carousels I can find. Hopefully I'll realize my dream and more about my carousel project in the future.Stay tuned for more history and architecture from St. Augustine coming up soon. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That's a pretty carousel!

    What a neat idea to tour the country to visit carousels. You would have to visit the Flying Horse Carousel in Watch Hill, RI. I'll try to get some photos when it's running. I've never seen one quite like it!

  2. Hi Suzi, thanks, oh I'd love to see the photos, and I was just reading there is a carousel in Arkansas that is the only one in the world that rides like a wave, I guess the whole thing waves up and down. These carousel animals are so beautiful, carved and painted by artists, I love them and so much fun for children and adults too I think, fantasy and whimsy and art all rolled into one.

  3. Hey Linda...that's a great post about the carousel in St. Aug. I used to live there and never stopped. My bad! I love hearing about it, and I agree, the horses (and other animals) are works of art. Are you going to do some in clay?

  4. Lovely horses. Seem to have crossed your path serindipitously. Hope you can go find all the rest of them.

  5. i love carousels too and this one is a beauty.

    Many years ago I visited Willowbrook Village in Newfield, ME. They have an old steam run carousel, you will have to add them to your list to visit.

  6. Beautiful, & the added benefit of having less calories than cheesecake.

  7. You will have to come to St Paul and visit the beautifully-restored Cafesjian Carousel located at the Como Park Zoo. Nancy at had a lot to do with preserving it when they were going to sell off the pieces. I take my three great granddaughters to ride when they come to visit.

  8. Lovely carousel, I would want to have a ride too :-).xoxo

  9. Hi Barbara, thanks, the carousel was brought in 1992, perhaps you lived there before that?

    Hi Joanne, thanks, hopefully I'll get to visit a few more one of these days.

    Hi Michele, thanks, a steam run carousel, now that would be a treat to see and ride.

    Hi Mary, thanks, yes but not too much exercise as the horses do all the work. Ha.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I never knew there were so many carousels and I am happy to hear of their being saved as they are truly historical wonders to me, thanks to Nancy.

    Hi Annie, thanks, yes next time I will be sure to take a ride.


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