Friday, August 17, 2012

A Rainbow Morning

Looked out the window this morning and this is what I saw. It's a rainbow morning! We're having a brief rain, hope we get more.

 Made this pot the other day and I plan on adding some colors in large swatches like the sides of a mountain with red, gray, and beige.

Yesterday I stopped at a yard sale and got this beautiful vintage glass squeezer for a quarter. What a great find. I also got a couple of stainless steel bowls which are great to use as hump molds sprayed with a little WD 40 or vegetable oil spray.

Hope you're having a rainbow morning. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. i went to look for a squeezer recently and all they had were those cheap plastic things. Now I think I'll look in antique or second hand stores. Yours is beautiful and what a buy! It is a beautiful morning.

  2. Hello Linda:
    What a beautiful start to the day you have had with the rainbow. Let us hope that the 'pot of gold' will appear soon too!!

    The lemon squeezer is pretty as well as practical.So much nicer than the plastic versions!

  3. Hi Teresa, thanks, I have one of those plastic squeezers and I have never liked it, glass is so much easier to clean too, this one is unusual as the foot is recessed, I like it, it is a wonderful morning.

    Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, that rainbow is setting the stage for the whole day, I'll run out there and see if I have a pot of gold I could put even a small pot of gold to good use. Yes, glass is much better than plastic for sure.

  4. What a great start of the day with a rainbow. Have a nice weekend.


  5. I love finding great kitchen bargains like that juicer. I sound like my grandmother, but they really don't make them like that anymore! One of my favorite kitchen finds are 2 small, bright green antique bowls that I got at a church yard sale near Nashville....25 cents for both! I use them almost every day. They make me weirdly happy. Enjoy your juicer!

  6. Looks like you made some good buys. I just love garage sales and thrift stores for that reason. You can find hard-to-find things at low prices.

  7. I have been looking for rainbows! They are at your house.

  8. A few weeks ago a rainbow ended at our mailbox. I didn't have any gallery checks in it that day but I'm still taking it as a good sign.

  9. Hi Elna, thanks, yes a pleasant surprise indeed.

    Hi Claudia, thanks, yes the old ones conjure up memories of yesterdays.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks and the old items are often made much better.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I got my pot of gold this morning with a nice rainfall.

    Hi Lori, thanks, how cool to have a rainbow so close, I am sure it's a good sign.


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