Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Colors

Here's the first lidded canister I made. I fired the lid separately and it didn't warp. I have one more of these. I'd like to make a few of these in different sizes.

 Here's the first September leaf I saw the other day, the Autumn colors are slowly starting to turn.

 Here's the yellow tail fish platter. Once again the creamy translucent glaze didn't melt like I wanted. I need to go back to my old standby of satin clear glaze which does much butter. The good news is the platter didn't crack.

 Here's the nandina or heavenly bamboo in September, later the berries will turn bright red, but now they are a dusky melon orange. This landscape plant is called heavenly bamboo but it isn't a bamboo but a drought tolerant plant.

Same thing on this large floral platter the creamy translucent isn't melted enough, but I like how the slip and underglaze colors look when I rub them with my finger to make them look blended, like water colors. I don't know about those flowers, maybe a leaf or several going across one side of the platter on an angle. Hum.

Here are more September leaves of the sumac. Looking at all the changing leaves has me thinking of making an Autumn leaf platter, with some blended colors. Yes, I think that would be nice. Maybe some berries in there too. I'll have to do a few sketches.

I had a bunch of my vine textured rectangular plates in various colors in this firing. I have more to fire too; these sell really well. They're a versatile size and make great luncheon or appetizer or even small serving dishes.

Here are the berries of the sumac. I think that's it for this firing, oh there are a few smaller items. Hope you're enjoying the slightly cooler weather. Here's an Etsy treasury I did inspired by September colors.  It's only slightly cooler here, perhaps where you are it's much cooler. Thanks for reading and for all your comments..


  1. It's hard to tell in a photo, but I think the yellow tail fish platter is super. Background and image integrate and make a whole greater than the sum of it's parts. Looks like a good firing.
    The only fall leaves we've seen are those of sassafras. I'm not ready for autumn!

  2. Hi Suzi, thanks so much, I wish the glaze had melted on all of these and especially on that one better, I'll go back to my tried and true satin clear and will make more fish platters. I'm glad I put the orange border around the outside helped tying in the color. Oh I love the sassafras leaves so rich in color, do you make sassafras drink from them? We're ready for autumn here, cooler weather is welcome after all the heat and humidity.

  3. My fav is the tall jar with did a good job getting a lid to fit well when fired separately. Fish platter is lovely, sorry glaze didn't work quite right. Sassafras root is used to make the drink that turned into Root Beer...I used to buy it in health food stores, then someone said it was bad for you and I don't think it's sold any more.

  4. Linda, those are great pieces, would re-firing melt the glaze to the way you wanted it?

    It's still warm and humid here, I could go for some cooler days about now.

  5. Now it's time for the leafs to change to beutiful autumn colors and inspire us.


  6. Such pretty colors! Here in Hawaii, it is perpetual summer so the leaves remain green on the trees. I mailed you my check on August 26, so you should have received it by now.

  7. Love it all, fall pictures, pots and platters. But the canister is a hands down winner and I hope they do well.

  8. Fall brings out an amazing variety of colors. There's a shrub outside that turns hot pink! Proof that there is no such thing as a "color not found in nature"!

  9. Sumac has no effect on me(thankfully). The plates "wave" just right. ~Mary

  10. I REALLY like those plates.

  11. Hi Barbara, thanks, the lid is very light weight so I think that helps and it isn't too wide. I remember that sassafras was for rootbeer and that is was bad for you but can't remember why, will have to look it up.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I don't know about refiring them I never seem to have room to do that, I have used that same glaze on vases and bowls and it did fine but this time not.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I might get tired of the mild weather there, can you go to the mountains there? is there a difference?

    Hi Elna, thanks so much yes the leaves are a great inspiration.

    Hi Joanne, thanks so much I hope to make more of those canisters.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I wonder if that shrub is the burning bush?

    Hi Mary, thanks, yep a little wave in them is good.

    Hi Julia, thanks, I may post them in all the glaze colors of this time next to show you.


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