Monday, October 29, 2012

Glaze, Poach, and Paint

Been working on a few textured strip pieces. Wondering if I can add some mason stain to some satin clear glaze which is already mixed up? What do you think; will that work?  I'd like to mix several colors of transparent glaze to use on the textured pieces so the texture shows through.

In other news I've been cooking different varieties of whole fish in my ceramic oven fish poacher such as vermillian snapper, mullet and hog fish. I can't say enough about the benefits of cooking in this oven fish poacher. You can't make a mistake with this cooker. I've been adding vegetables to the mix like mushrooms and cubanelle peppers and then reserving the juices and pouring that over rice. Oh so good. Wonder if that's what an old fashioned fish soup would taste like? With the cooler weather coming on this will be a mainstay way of cooking for the winter. That along with my crockpot which I'll get out soon. Oh, and I'll be trying some gluten free bread recipes very soon.

When we moved into our home a few years ago I disliked the way the kitchen cabinets were painted. The doors and drawers were painted a cream color but the cabinets were brown. Why someone would actually choose this color scheme is beyond me. At the time I thought about painting them but never did.

This weekend a friend helped us paint the cabinets. All the doors and drawers were numbered and removed and the hinges were kept on the doors and all the screws stored in a plastic bag. Since the cabinets have a smooth laminated surface they were lightly sanded with a block hand sander, primed, and then painted with a foam roller. Thanks to a tip from a cabinet painter, we added a little Floetrol to the paint which helped make it go on smoother without showing brush marks or creating orange peel. What a difference a little paint makes in the kitchen. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That fish looks great! It always surprises me how one decorating project can spiff things up and make it feel like a new room.

    You shouldn't have a problem with adding Mason stain to made up clear. I do it all the time with both my commercial glazes and the ones I make. I generally make small amounts and measure by 1/4 tsp. or less. I use a set of tiny measurers labelled hint, pinch, smidge. (I get them at a kitchen supply store in an outlet mall.) Remember that some colors are much stronger than others. Email me for more info.

  2. Great title for this post. And of course the fish looks delish. Good for you doing those cabinets.

  3. Hi Suzi, thanks, well I am going to try that I have some stainless steel measuring spoons I use with quarter teaspoon I'll mix by eye and see how they work, thanks.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, still amazed at the cabinets so sorry we didn't get it done sooner.

  4. Mixing mason stains into clear satin works for Kristen Kieffer, it should work for you. Just follow Suzi's advice.

  5. I'll bet the new paint makes the kitchen brighter and even looking bigger!

  6. nice job, I am sure that really brightened up your kitchen and was an affordable face lift!

  7. Yes color can do miracle, nice.


  8. I've never had a problem adding mason stain to clear glaze, provided that I am patient and mix it very well. Although, I did once get a great clear/stripey effect (that I of course could never again replicate) by failing to mix thoroughly!

  9. I adore that textured vessel in the first photo. And the cabinets - it sounds as if they added new life and light to your kitchen.

  10. You will love your 'new' kitchen :^) I'm still waiting for the brown skirting boards to disappear in our house...
    I'm interested to see how the Mason stain works, so much per liquid measure would be helpful if you work it out and could share the results.
    Also interested in recipe for Gluten Free Bread but I'm also sensitive to yeast :(

  11. Hi Lori, thanks, I didn't know Kristen used mason stains in clear for her glazes, cool, I have always admired her soft colors.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, it makes a world of difference.

    Hi Michele, thanks, yes affordable, we'd like to do more, but...

    Hi Elna, thanks, you do color or tone on tone so well. Ha.

    Hi Julia, thanks, glad you said that I think I'll mix a little water with the stain and then add to the glaze to make sure all the lumps are out.

    Hi Elephant's child, thanks, yes new life. You see why I want the texture to show through, it's not very deep so easily obliterated by a thick glaze.

    Hi Anna, thanks, hope your brown skirting goes away, we are glad to be rid of our brown cabinets. I will keep a notebook on my glazing table and take notes. No yeast, yikes, I'll check the book Suzi gave me I am sure there is something in there.


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