Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunrise and Ornaments

The other morning the sunrise was wonderful to observe. The clouds were drifting by in slow motion and the air was cool with low humidity.

Today I made some holiday ornaments and used some bisque stamps and texture pads to decorate them. Now I'm wondering how I'll glaze them. Normally I mix mason stains with slip and brush that on greenware for an opaque surface. Have you mixed mason stains with water and use them as a wash? Any recommendations?

This time of year the sun droops low in the sky and sends shadows and warmth into my studio. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Hello Linda:
    The light at this time of year can have the most magical qualities we find. Sunrises and sunsets do become particularly spectacular.

    And, now your thoughts are turning to Christmas decorations....the year seems to be passing so quickly by!

  2. there are so many possibilities!
    And the snake walk- i am keeping my eye out right now as we go into cold weather. I have to make sure nothing moves in the house with us.

  3. What I love most about Mason Stains is their versatility. I use 1part frit 3124 to 1 part stain and mix with water.Experiment on scrap clay until you get the density you want. It will always have a washed watercolor look. If you want color that is more like a gouache mix 1 part frit 3124, 1part gerstley borate, add up to 2 parts stain and water to the consistency you like. I often underpaint and use a commercial clear to once fire. Remember that I work in low fire. I have no idea how a once fire would work at ^6. If you have more questions send me an email.

  4. I knew a couple of clay artists who used mason stains mixed with water, then glazed with clear. They fired in the low temp range, also a one firing, no bisque.

  5. I've not used mason stains in a wash but I have used various oxides with nice results. You just brush them on and wipe them off like you were staining wood but you're doing this on bisque ware.

  6. Yes, there is something very special about the sunlight in October. It's something to be appreciated!

  7. Sunrise and ornaments. What a nice combination!

  8. Sunrise (here) is much more subtle than sunset, but a delight each and every morning.
    I love your ornaments, and am uncomfortable with the reminder than Christmas is travelling towards us faster than a speeding bullet.

  9. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, yes the light with the long shadows is particularly nice, brings on a sort of nostalgic feeling about the summer past and the incoming cold winter. Time is passing by quickly in some respects.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, yes possibilities, I think the cold blooded critters are fattening up for the winter slumber and are more active.

    Hi Suzi, thanks for all the details on your mixes. I have once fired the slip mixed with mason stains and they did fine. I will try mixing in the frit and water and see what I come up with. Not sure if I will put it on bisque. I have never tried it that way but always used on greenware. I'll give these ideas some thought.

    Hi Melissa, thanks, I won't have enough to do a full load for a once fire so I shall see what I will do with these, was intending to put a clear over the top though.

    Hi Lori, thanks, well perhaps I'll try some on green and some on bisque and see what happens each way, nothing to loose at trying really.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes the long shadows and a difference in the shades of the spectrum I suspect create a different mood to the day.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, much to appreciate in nature for sure.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, yes faster than a speeding bullet indeed. Sunrise here is usually more subtle and this one was quite nice but with the trees I couldn't capture all the beauty I saw.

  10. I have used Mason stains mixed with frits/GB with good results. I've even used a water down clear glaze mix/stain on bisque and lightly wipe off. This leaves the stain in the recesses and adds a little shine.
    Love autumn sun and shadows, too. It's snowing in the Sierra right now.

  11. Hi Charlene, thanks, I mixed up the frit and stains yesterday and tried them out and June Perry's web site has recipes for using clear or celadon glaze mixed with stains too. My Gary was telling me the Sierra will be getting a lot of snow, that's good an early snow, hope they get lots to keep droughts away.


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