Friday, October 26, 2012

Using the Leftovers

Today I made a couple of plates and I had some leftover clay. So I took the piece of leftover clay and rolled it up into a form. It looked rather interesting to me so I decided to place it on another form, an upside down bowl shape. I was going to put a couple of eyes in the middle, but I like the abstract look much better. I'll sand up the crisp edges after it dries.

While I was taking the photo I was thinking I could make a plate to set it on and it could double as a sculptural covered dish for cookies, cheese, vegetables, or what have you. I slathered slip on thickly over the top but it will dry the same color. I think I might make another one of these using a contrasting slip color. Who knew using the leftovers could lead to a new form.

The other day we were going to the grocery store and one of our neighbors down the street had two metal chairs and a table out at the curb with a cardboard sign on them saying "free". We backed up, loaded them up, and took them home. Later Gary pressured washed the three pieces.

Today he took some paint we already had and painted them. We were going to sell them as they are, but we might get some cushions and keep them. They're really quite nice. These days leftovers and free items are most welcome. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That's an interesting form,I can't wait to see it finished! See you ;)

  2. I like this piece. It really makes me wonder what is under it.

  3. Hi Katarina, thanks, I hope the top stays on, was just playing around, but I can always make another.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, right now a plastic bowl is under there. Ha. For a real scream I could put a mouse sculpture on a plate. Ha, ha.

  4. I like the shape of your new 'left overs' piece. I thought it was a purse when I saw the thumbnail :^) Maybe you could make a ceramic mosaic top for the table?

  5. Hi Anna, thanks, could e a purse too. Ha. The table came with a glass top, but there was also another square table with a wood top I could make a mosaic table for that one. Thanks for the idea.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, sometimes leftovers are better than the original. Ha.

  6. Look at you recycling everything!
    I like the form, I really like the negative spaces all circling around the piece. I looks very fluid.

  7. Those patio chairs are very nice. With the high cost of nice outdoor furniture, I would keep them!

  8. The chairs look great! I admire your resourcefulness.

  9. So fine, it resembles an old purse. Have a nice weekend.


  10. Hi Lori, thanks, I'll explore with this idea some more and refine a bit.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, I think you are right they are expensive, we have gotten lots of things used through craigslist for quite a discount.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, who could pass up something free with such potential. Ha.

    Hi Elna, thanks, an old purse, hum, I seem to be drawn to those sorts of forms.


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