Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Long Boat

Here's a long boat shaped piece, (as opposed to a longboat), about 5 inches tall by 18 inches long by 7 inches wide in the middle. It's constructed with an overlapped strip stack method. Yes, those cans came in handy holding up this one too. I have a bit of clean up to do but I'll leave it alone till it dries.

It's reminds me of Noah's Ark without the cover. It's fairly heavy being so long so I made the handles thick anticipating that food placed inside would make it even heavier to carry. Whenever I write my blog posts I learn so much. I was reading about Noah's Ark which led me to the list of the longest wooden boats every constructed and so on. The feat of man making those long wooden boats back in the Viking Days and even biblical days truly amazes me. What man has and can build with his hands is inspiring. Thanks for reading and for all your comments..


  1. Hello Linda:
    It is interesting what connections we make within our daily lives. Here your most recent work has led to thoughts about the Vikings!

  2. Hi Jane and Lance, thanks, I was just thinking about the Vikings too, how they ventured so far on seas in what one would thing were such primitive sailing vessels and yet they must have been sturdy to take them through all the elements that nature surely must have sent them in their travels.

  3. Linda, I love seeing your clay work. Being a newbie into this medium, I'm just getting the feel of it - so seeing what others come up with is really great. Right now I'm working more with throwing as I need the practice, but hand-building has proven to be fun too. I never expect to 'be an artist', but like other creative endeavors, I find it very psychologically soothing.

  4. I can see this making a wonderful casserole dish. Love it - thank you. Its simplicity makes it powerful.

  5. Hi Rian, thanks, yes clay is soothing for sure and also stimulating to the mind; if you ever have any questions about hand building I'd be glad to help out. If you look back over my blog you'll find lots of inspiration about hand building because that's all I do.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I was thinking casserole dish too and it would feed an army of people.


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