Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Colored Slip Painted Plates

Here are the colored slip painted wild aster plates from this firing. For this one I used a lavender colored slip for the border decoration. I like the lavender but I don't like how I went out of the lines. To achieve the thin lines of the aster petals a steady hand is needed. I dip my brush often but wipe it off slightly before applying it to the wet clay. When the plate is bone dry I bisque fire it.

For this plate I used a copper carbonate wash over the border decoration. After I bisque fire the plate I apply a clear satin glaze over the plate and glaze fire it. I notice clear satin makes a darker green compared to the plates with leaves glazed with a green glaze in the previous post. Each glaze covering colored slips or stains affects the final outcome of the color.

This is the first plate I made and I almost threw it away but decided to fire it just to see how the colored slips would fire. I don't like the dark gray stems and leaves and my line quality isn't very good on this one. I also like the plates with the wider and more free form border much better than the plain one here. Although I might like a striped border rather than the floral texture. I was trying for a more loose line style with this plate but I like the more controlled lines of the first two.

I textured the bottoms of some of the plates to see how I like that treatment. Picking up a plate or bowl with a textured bottom feels more secure in one hand than a smooth surfaced one. I used an iron oxide pencil to sign my name since I have a textured bottom. The kiln has just fired another load and is cooling down; I can't wait to unload to see how the larger platters turned out. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. They are reminding us that spring is coming.

  2. Very pretty! Well done, Linda.

  3. I love the pale lilac of the asters...so feminine and delicate, just like the flowers.

  4. Loving the texture on the bottom of the plates....nice work as always.

  5. Hi Lori, thanks, yes soon, we've had more freezing weather this year and had to cover plants.

    Hi Gigi, thanks so much.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, the asters always look so delicate and yet they are quite stronge.

    Hi Dee, thanks, the texture is working on well I think.


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