Saturday, February 2, 2013

Seagrass Resort

Yesterday we went to get some fish and also drove to another section of Homosassa to see if the new restaurant was open at the Seagrass Resort; they were. We checked out their menu and walked along their deck. We could just imagine driving our boat up to their dock, getting out and having a drink at the tiki bar. That is when the weather warms back up. One day it was 85 during the day and the next day it was 27 at night. This time of year the weather fluctuates quite a bit.

One of Gary's friends from California called us the other day. Gary told him we got a yacht  He asked how long is it. Gary said 12 feet. Gary has our aluminum boat all sanded, primed, and painted on the inside. He just has to paint the outside. We can't decide what color to paint the outside. Do we paint it camouflage, aqua, pale green, what do you think? Gary also has the motor rebuilt. We got a new fuel tank; our boat will run all day long on 3 gallons of fuel unlike many boats which use a lot of fuel. I see lots of waterway exploring coming up in our future. We need to get some life jackets, a horn, etc. Since the sun is so intense here in Florida, we want to rig up some type of sunshade. But we're pretty close to getting our boat in the water.
Meanwhile my bisque firing went along just fine and I've already glazed all the work which is firing. See the leaf plates on the top shelf; I thinned out the copper carbonate, I may have the mix just about right. I know I said I wouldn't use the copper any longer, but maybe these will turn out great looking, isn't that just the way when you are ready to give up, things turn around. Can't wait to see how those plates turn out. For this bisque cone 05 was just bending. My kiln over fires when I program it to fire at 04. I'm wondering if there's such a thing as a cone fire to 05.5? Does anyone know if I can program my kiln like that. I'd like it a little hotter but not over cone 04. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. You can program to a tenth of a cone.At least my Olympic can and I think we have the same controller.

  2. How great to have plans to motor around all those great waterways in Western Florida. I know your camera will catch some great shots! Spring is coming!

  3. I have family in St. Pete, and they talk to me all the time about the fluctuating temps, and I laugh when they talk about it being a cool 70. It was 22 degrees last night here in north Georgia.
    As far as boat colors, whatever your initial thought is, usually that works out best!

  4. You're going to love exploring all the Florida water ways. Your kiln looks terrific.....nice arrangement of good looking pots.

  5. Have fun on your new boat. I am glad you don't get seasick like me. I was sick the whole time I sailed between islands back in the 1970s. Lol.

  6. My vote for boat color is aqua! What fun to pull up to a dock and stop for a drink at the Tiki Bar. You two are going to have so much fun with that little boat.

    Good luck with the firing!

  7. Love the boat. I like turquoise my self.

  8. Hi Dennis, thanks, well I'll have to give that a try, I'll see how this load fires before changing anything.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, we can't wait to explore all the waterways around here.

  9. Hi Tina, thanks, we are getting used to the warm weather here and below 70 seems cold to us, years ago we lived in the mountains and 30 seemed warm. Ha.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, I hope they all turn out in the glaze load.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, if you have to go on a boat try eating some ginger it is supposed to help. Maybe you won't get seasick now?

    Hi Michele, thanks, aqua is our favorite color and we had an aqua or turquoise boat in Arkansas.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, we can't wait to go out on the boat.


  10. i hope you will share the yachts first launch with us :)


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