Saturday, April 20, 2013


This brown anole lizard was sitting right outside the kitchen window the other day. He has a rather chunky looking head and body don't you think?  This species was introduced from Cuba and is highly invasive and a threat to the native green anole. Below is a salsa I make in a chunky style by chopping up onions, tomatoes, roasted poblano peppers and then tossing in dried cumin, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.

The newspaper 'forgot' to put our ad in the paper so we had a rather slow sale although we did sell about one hundred dollars worth from those who saw our local signs and craigslist. To be fair it was extremely hot and humid and by 11 am no one was out and about. Rather a shock after the nice Winter we had. Monday Habitat for Humanity will be coming for lots of boxes. Many folks will be lucky to find some real treasures next week at the local stores near us. Stay tuned next I'll show you a photograph, a painting, and a poster we're donating, a curious collection the three of them are. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That is a lovely lizard. I am very sorry that he is a threat to the green anole lizard. Not its fault - we are quite careless about what we introduce where aren't we?

    I am intrigued with your donations and will certainly be back to see what they are.

  2. Yes that lizard is a pretty one. But I do like the green anole lizards. Apparently he does too!

    I was wondering about how you were able to sell so many of your things. We never have good luck with garage sales, our neighborhood associaton allows 2 a year and they don't advertise very well, so we don't get much traffic. I have heard pros and cons about Craiglist, but I sure would like to sell some of my large furniture instead of move it.

  3. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, no it isn't the lizards fault, same with the python here, now they've opened up hunting it as they are eating all the mammals out of the everglades.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I have sold most of my large pieces through craigslist and I relist the items every two days over and over again till they sell. I also take really good photos and make sure I load as many as I am able and take good close ups too. You could also say you are having an estate sale by appointment and have folks come to your home - estates sales get different buyers than garage sales.

  4. Kind of like the English Sparrow and the Blue Bird. Case of human intervention gone wrong.

  5. When I read '(it) is highly invasive and a threat to (the native wild life)' I imagined it would continue like 'so I made salsa from it' ! lol When I saw the ingredients, I felt relief that he was not in it! lol Nope, I am not drunk, just feverish. I got another cold! : o

  6. What a cute little fellow.


  7. Hi Patti, thanks, yes the bluebirds are so wonderful.

    Hi Midori, thanks, oh no sorry to put the two together so closely.

    Hi Elna, thanks, isn't he sweet looking but apparently not so sweet to the other lizards.


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