Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gary Is A Kiln God

Here's Gary packing up my raku kiln. Gary has turned out to be a real kiln god when it comes to packing and moving kilns. Here he is dismantling my raku kiln.

I decided to keep my raku kiln and since it comes apart in sections easily it was a snap to load.

Speaking of raku, has anyone seen this type of raku kiln shelf? The stilts and top are all one piece. I have four of them stacked here.

Big Bertha is 36 inches around. In the end I decided to let her go to a good home.She left today ready for her new clay family. We discovered she wasn't as difficult to pick up as we thought, after removing the lid and using the handles on the side. I say we but it was actually Gary and Russ, the guy who purchased her, who lifted her into his van. Remember you heard it here Gary promised I get a new kiln when we get moved and I'm holding him to it. Ha. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. and you have it in writing here that you will get a new kiln at your new destination!

    What you have looks to be plate setters. Great for stacking plates and tiles when firing. They aren't typically used for raku (that I know of). You would have trouble removing things if you stacked them up the way they are meant to be used. Does it look like the person you bought your kiln from used them for raku firing? If they are in good shape and not covered in raku glaze run off, I would save them for plates when you get your new kiln. I have quite a few of them and they are great when you are making sets of dinnerware.

  2. Thanks for sharing all your progress with us. You are very inspiring. Many of us would benefit by stirring up our lives more often than we do. I am still hoping you will get to Maine this summer.


  3. I concur with Michèle, they look like they are for plates.

  4. Hi Michele, thanks, yep it's in writing. Here I've had plate setters all this time and didn't know it. I got these with the raku kiln and I think he used them for that, they just fit inside the kiln, I was wondering how he would lift them if he had work underneath, will have to think about that, perhaps give him a call.

    Hi Christine, thanks, well it does keep us on our toes to stir it up a bit.

    Hi Lori, thanks, well if they work for raku, I'm going to check into it. full confession I have never used the raku kiln since I had it except to test fire it. Ha.

    One of the reasons to move is get closer to some clay people so I can share more experiences and take more workshops and perhaps be closer to a community of clay people.

  5. So glad to hear you're continuing clay...of course, it's now under your fingernails for life! Let me know if you ever come to the Asheville area in your travels. Lots of pottery around here! And you can set up that new kiln when you settle again easily.

  6. So nice that Gary can do a lot of things! : )

  7. I hope you do not have withdrawal from playing with your clay....

  8. He sure is a handy fellow. Think you have a keeper.

  9. good luck with your move. I hope you get to use the raku in your new home soon, with or without plate stackers!

  10. I am starting to get excited for you all the way over here - so you must be REALLY excited (and tired) by now. And we will all hold Gary to the new kiln deal.

  11. Hi Barbara, thanks, oh we are definitely planning on coming through your way, I'll let you know.

    Hi Midori, thanks, necessity is the mother of invention for sure.

    Hi Dee, thanks, oh I may take a little clay with me and drop it off along the way.

    Hi Anna, thanks, oh I really need to try the raku out, next time for sure.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, not quite excited yet as we have no idea what we will live in temporarily once we are all set and ready with the details then the excitement will set in.


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